Monday, November 26, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are in full-swing! And if you haven’t started shopping for everyone on your list yet, you better start soon. Stay stress-free be completing all of your holiday shopping as soon as you can. I know it can be hard to think of gift ideas for everyone! Parents, children, extended family, friends, employees! You could think of someone new to shop for every day.

For Him:

Whether it’s your dad, brother or husband - these items are cozy and sure to please! This body massager heats up and can be used on the neck, back, legs and feet. It’s easy to use in any chair or on the couch; their favorite recliner is about to become a lot comfier!

These super soft pants from Ralph Lauren are perfect for lounging around the house in. Everyone needs something that they are excited to put on when they get home after a long day at work.

For Her:

Another cozy item coming at you! The Cozy Chic Cardigan has seriously promising reviews, stating that it is comfortable, warm and soft. Which woman in your life wouldn’t want a top that is loungeable for home and can be worn to work!?

No matter the interests of the women in your life - books are always a safe bet. I love coffee table books to accent the home, like this new one from Joanna Gaines. However, cookbooks, memoirs and photography books are always a great idea too!

For Employees or Extended Family:

Bulk ordering gifts for your employees or a large extended family is a great idea. Don’t stress yourself out by shopping for different items for every single person. You can find cool, unique gifts online for everyone and no one will feel left out! 

If you are in a family of glasses-wearers consider cases or even a gift card to purchase the eyeglasses and accessories of their choice! Or if you have a family vacation coming up in the new year - look into ordering stylish sunglasses for the whole family.

For your employees, order a slew of interesting water bottles for everyone. Plus, you can even add your company logo when you buy from S’well. S’well offers double-lined metal bottles to keep your cold beverage cold for up to 24 hours! Perfect for office use.

For The Kids:

I’ve heard two ideas recently for kids that are great for any age from baby to pre-teen. Many parents struggle to keep energetic kids occupied, especially in the winter. There are plenty of gyms or classes for kids all over the country, that start for children as young as two! Pay for a month or year membership for your little one to play with others their age at least once a week.

Another option, although common, is books! Especially at the pre-teen age, kids tend to lose interest in reading. Keep them excited about this hobby by getting books on the topic of their other interests, like sports memoirs or fictional mysteries. For toddlers, books are a fun activity that can become tradition before bed. Plus, you can please the parents with this gift too! I’m sure most toddlers you know have tons and tons of toys that take up a room in a house and then some, so get books to take up less space.

For Your Secret Santa:

Secret Santa gifts can be particularly hard to find. I have picked two presents here that anyone will get use out of in the cold, winter months. First, a personalized mug that features a bright floral design. This will be sure to brighten up anyone’s afternoon tea time!

Second, touchscreen compatible gloves! These are always great to keep in your arsenal of winter accessories because they are perfect for a commute or outdoor exercise.

A special thanks to Warby Parker for creating this holiday gift guide on Brandi Raae did not receive compensation for this post. 

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