Saturday, April 13, 2019

Farmhouse Herb Decor

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I love having an herb garden! For my birthday last month, my hubby bought me my first raised garden box to help keep our big dog out. This year Italian parsley, peppermint, garlic chives, thyme, and basil are growing strong. Here's the exact garden box he bought on Amazon:

I chose to paint it white. I just bought some cheap outdoor paint from Walmart. I love the way it turned out. This was taken right after I planted all my herbs. They are all MUCH bigger now, and I'm already using them in smoothies and other dishes.  

I like drying herbs and not only using them in food but also hanging them on my kitchen wall as decor. Adds a nice natural, farmhouse look. :) I used to have some lovely herb prints, but they don't fit in my current kitchen. Herbal touches liven up a space if you ask me!

If you're like me and like to use and decorate with herbs, I hope you enjoy these farmhouse style herb decor items from Etsy. Just click on the titles or images to view details for each item.

Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Farmhouse Style Baskets

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I love baskets! 

I really like multifunctional items, and baskets are perfect for storage and decor all in one. And I think basket wall arrangements look pretty cool, too. I use baskets in my own home for books, food, blankets, magazines, toilet paper, video game controllers, seashells from beach vacations with my mom, and more. I even use my daughter's old white nursery baskets outside for storing garden tools and dog stuff. I want to eventually paint my daughter's old bike and use as garden art displaying glorious baskets of flowers. 

How about you? 

If you love baskets like I do, take a look at all of these baskets I found on Etsy. Just click on the images below to find out more.

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission for items purchased (at no cost to you) through the links in this post. Thank you!

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Daughters of Northern Shores by Joanne Bischof {Book Review}

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A brother's regret.

An enemy's revenge.

Both may draw the Norgaard family back together again.

But at what cost?

Aven Norgaard is finally feeling settled in Blackbird Mountain. The sorrow of losing her husband in Norway and the difficulty of sailing to America to begin a new life are but shadows now. Aven is enjoying married life once more, and she and Thor are anticipating the birth of their first child. 

All seems to be going well until Thor, who has been deaf since birth, agrees to an interview and medical examination to help the Bureau of Research for the Deaf and Dumb. During the interview Thor and Aven discover that longtime enemies of the Norgaards are back in town causing trouble. Shortly after the examination, Thor becomes extremely ill. Liver disease from past drinking habits or foul play?

Haakon Norgaard, Thor's youngest brother, has spent the last four years at sea running from his past. Time and distance have done nothing to erase the pain and regret of trying to force more than friendship upon Aven. And now there's a widow in Norway to add to his list of regrets. Longing to finally make amends, Haakon is torn between two women on opposite shores and wonders if he'll be welcomed by either. 

Determined to start somewhere, Haakon finds himself in a battle that may cost him more than he bargained for. In the end, will Haakon find restoration or rejection?

Daughters of Northern Shores is the sequel to Sons of Blackbird Mountain.

My Thoughts

Even though I haven't read the first novel in this series, Sons of Blackbird Mountain, I was captivated by Daughters of Northern ShoresThis was my first acquaintance with award-winning author, Joanne Bischof, and I'm definitely craving more from her! 

Her writing is emotionally deep and rich, which created a story that I felt more than read. Joanne has a way with words that caused me to pause and ponder along the way. Oh, and there's this quote (actually part of a quote) that I absolutely adore and would love to have on my living room wall: ". . . with time and lives precious, there seemed no better hour than this." This quote is such a wonderful reminder for me to be present and take advantage of the time given to me each moment.  

The icing on the already delicious cake for me was the fact that the Norgaard family hails from Norway. Norwegian blood runs in my veins, and my grandpa even bears the name of Thorson. It's just fun to read stories about places my own ancestors are from. 

I think it's safe to say it's a good book when tears stain my cheeks as the end of the novel draws near. Tears for the words wrecking my heart and tears for reminders of loves and losses in my own life. 

I loved this Christian novel and can't wait to go back and read Sons of Blackbird Mountain!

Book Rating: 5 stars

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Christian Farmhouse Style Easter Decor

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As much as I love all things that represent spring and Easter, Jesus' death and resurrection shines brightest! Nothing wrong, in my opinion, with bunnies and carrots and such. However, if you're a Christian who loves to decorate for Easter, consider adding some faith-based items to your trimmings. All items are from Etsy. :)

Happy Shopping!

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Tetelestai Sign


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