Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wildwood Cottage Collection from Pier 1 Imports

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I've always loved browsing around at all of the beautiful things at Pier 1 Imports. My husband and I have bought bedroom furniture, couches, and some home decor throughout our 20 years of marriage.

I really like this elegant, yet rustic, fall decor from Pier 1 Imports' Wildwood Cottage Collection. A wildwood cottage sounds like a place I'd want to go for a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving feast!

Feel free to shop this style by clicking the links below. 

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Literacy Musing Mondays July 17-21 {Last Week as Co-host}

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  Literacy Musing Mondays

Welcome to Literacy Musing Mondays July 17-21

Last Post Announcement

Hello everyone. I want to let you know that this will be my last week as a Literacy Musing Mondays co-host. I've enjoyed reading your posts each week and getting to know some of you through your blogs. :)

I've made the difficult decision to not renew my Bluehost services, so I will no longer be able to blog on this WordPress account. I blogged for 10 years with Blogger before making the switch almost a year ago, but I'm not sure if I will continue blogging with my old Blogspot account or not.

Truthfully, I haven't been able to keep up with the techy part of WordPress. It's basically sucked the joy out of blogging. :( I just can't justify the energy and expense when I'm not getting much in return.

Like I told Mary, I'm definitely feeling sad and a little stuck in limbo right now. I'm not sure where to go from here. However, I know I can trust the Lord to guide me as He promises He will.

Literacy Musing Mondays July 10-15 {College Orientation}

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  Literacy Musing Mondays

Welcome to Literacy Musing Mondays July 10-15

Literacy Musing Mondays July 10-15

A few days ago, this happened.

We drove to Flagstaff and dropped off our oldest child for New Student Orientation. Wow.

We enjoyed cooler temps, lots of green, and walking around the pretty Northern Arizona University campus.

While I can't yet wrap my mind around the fact that Thomas the Tank Engine has been so quickly replaced with all things political science, I am one proud mama! Proud that my son earned an incredible scholarship, proud that he's already earned 3 credits due to his SAT English scores, and proud that he's ready to take on life!

For those of you who have already experienced this phase of life, give me your best tips on being a GREAT parent of a college kid. :)  

He Speaks to Me: Preparing to Hear From God {Book Review}

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  He Speaks to Me Preparing to Hear From God Book Review

Longing to Hear God's Voice

Have you ever been desperate to hear from God?

Do you long to be a sheep who hears her Shepherd's voice?

Of course we can pick up our Bibles any time we want and "hear" what God has to say to us. And it's absolutely wonderful. We can "hear" on a daily basis how he loves us, how we can love Him, and how we can love others.

But sometimes I long for more. Do you?

Literacy Musing Mondays July 3-8 {4th Traditions}

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  Literacy Musing Mondays

Welcome to Literacy Musing Mondays July 3-8

Literacy Musing Mondays July 3-8

Celebrating July 4th

When I think of July 4th, I think of freedom, fireworks, and fun food. My favorite thing about all holidays are the traditions they inspire. We don't have a lot for this particular holiday, but we do have a couple.


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