Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer Farmhouse Home Decor

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I love the yellow-white-green color combo for summer decor! These colors scream, "Let's sit outside and enjoy the fresh summer air with a nice glass of cold lemonade!" They're also great for fitting into a rustic farmhouse decor theme in your home.

So, here are just a few ideas to brighten up your home with some summer farmhouse decor. And they're all from Etsy. :) Happy Shopping!

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Wisteria Furniture and Decor

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Birthstone Inspiration: June

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For as long as I can remember, I've loved having a stone assigned to my birth month. Mine is aquamarine, and I'm currently in a loving-all-things-turquoise-and-aqua phase. 

June, the lovely month that kicks off summer! And for me that means a break from homeschooling. :) 

My dad and grandpa were both born in June, but guys don't seem to get into birthstones much. But then there's my girl, my third and last child, born on June 22. Goodness, she's going to be a teenager this year. 

So, I've always thought of June's birthstone as a light pink because the June birthstone stud  earrings my daughter chose when she got her ears pierced were very much light pink. However, I guess the technical stone is Alexandrite, which seems to come in a variety of colors. For June's stone color, I'm seeing mostly the "light purplish pink" version. Plus, June has two other birthstones as well: Moonstone and Pearl.

I'm having trouble deciding if I should go more light pink or light purple here. And I'm having trouble sticking to just one stone like my other Birthstone Inspiration posts. So, I just decided to go with a little of all three birthstones. Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Pearl remind me of unicorns. 

I hope you enjoy these June gift ideas. It's so fun to give and receive gifts in a color theme! 

Happy Shopping!

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Unicorn (Looks like Moonstone to me!)

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Vibrant Custom Canvas Art

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Today I want to share some art work with you all from my new friend, Andrea! She creates vibrant art using acrylic paint on hard-backed canvas panels. I hope you will take a peek at her Etsy shop, SkullsandSunflowers. She has some ready made paintings available for purchase, but you can also request a customized order. :)

Every painting she sells goes toward funding her family's embryo adoption. You can read more about her story here.

Just to share a few. Visit Andrea's etsy shop to see more! She's also on facebook and instagram.

Also, I'd love it if you'd share this post. :)

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Monday, May 07, 2018

Farmhouse Style Patriotic Decor & Party Supplies

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I admit that I don't go all out in the decor department for Fourth of July. I do love to make fun food, though! These are the cupcakes I made last year. I LOVE how they turned out! So fun. :)

Anyway, I really would like to have a few items on hand to make my home a little festive for the patriotic holidays. I think red, white, and blue are such classy colors! Here are some of my favorites from Etsy.

Most of these would be great for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or any other patriotic holiday you want to celebrate! 

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