Thursday, September 20, 2018

Birthstone Inspiration: October

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For as long as I can remember, I've loved having a stone assigned to my birth month. Mine is aquamarine, and I'm currently in a loving-all-things-turquoise-and-aqua phase. 

If you have an October birthday, you have two choices: opal or pink tourmaline. I'm going with pink tourmaline for this post. I know some girls think it's cool NOT to like pink. BUT, I've always loved pink, and I WISH it looked good on me. Most pinks just don't do well with my skin tone. :( 

Pink reminds me of all things girly, and I went crazy with it when my third child was finally a girl! It's a sweet, fun, happy color if you ask me. ;)

It's kind of hard to think pink in October because of all things pumpkin, but here we go . . .

I hope you enjoy these October gift ideas. It's so fun to give and receive gifts in a color theme!

*All items in this post are from Etsy.

(FYI- I'm personally not into any kind of crystal healing type stuff. I chose these items based on color and the fact that I liked the product.)

Happy Shopping!

*This post contains affiliate links, and I make a small commission from clicks and purchases made through these links.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Halloween Party Supplies {Etsy}

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If you love hosting Halloween parties, Etsy has SO many fun ideas!! I've compiled a few ideas to make your party a success - treats, decor, printables, costumes, and more. ( I'm wishing I had a baby girl right now just to dress her up like a Cabbage Patch Kid!)

Happy Shopping!

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission for purchases made through the links in this post. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

$10 DaySpring Coupon

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to pass along this great coupon to DaySpring. No minimum purchase is required in order to use the coupon.

So, enjoy and start your Christmas shopping early! Click banner below to begin  . . .

Affiliate links are included in this post. I make a small commission for purchases made through the links in this post. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Harry Potter Room Ideas

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I can't believe it's been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was published. I actually watched the movie first when it came out on TV.

I decided to see what all the fuss was about since there was a lot of love/hate talk in the Christian community. Well, I thought the movie was fine, so I figured maybe the book was bad or something. I went to the library to find out for myself. I became hooked. :) The books and movies aren't perfect, but I fell in love with the story and the boy who lived.

My kids were toddler and baby age at the time. So, Harry Potter has just been a part of their childhood. My firstborn read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when he was 6 years old. I've read a couple aloud to my kids, and we've watched all the movies together, minus a couple of scenes or so. Anyway, from toys to games to costumes to birthday parties, my kids have done it all!

I love how Pottery Barn is celebrating 20 years with all of their AMAZING Harry Potter decor and room ideas. The whimsy in me is imagining receiving a mystery inheritance so I can buy a cabin in the woods and design it as a Harry Potter haven. I could rent it out to all the Harry Potter lovers out there. How fun would that be?!

Well, I probably won't be getting that cabin anytime soon, so I'll just enjoy looking and dreaming for now. If you or your loved ones are fans, consider making their dream room come true with these classy room ideas for boys and girls. The Common Room and Pride Lounge would be great for lofts or basements, I think. Christmas is just around the corner, too. :)

Just click the photos to view each room. Happy Shopping!

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission from purchases made through the links in this post. Thanks!

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