Friday, May 30, 2008

Taste Buds

Pin It Now! Taste buds--aren't they weird?

I was thinking about this just the other day when I was scarfing down some Oreo cookies. Growing up, I didn't like these cream-filled treats. As I pondered this silly subject even more, I realized that there are many foods that I like now that I didn't when I was younger. I think there are even a few things that I don't like now that I used to like at one time. What happened to my taste buds???

Things I like now but didn't then:

Oreo cookies

Pumpkin pie

Mashed potatoes

Dark Chocolate ( I can eat it sparingly now. That change has happened since I have had kids.)

Things I don't like now but did then:

Lima beans (My mom swears that I used to love these--I will take her word for it.)

Well, my mind is going blank at the moment. I think it is filled with thoughts of all of the tasks I need to complete. I better get to them then.

Is there any type of food that you all love to eat now that you absolutely couldn't stand when you were growing up?? Just for fun, I'd like to know!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Soaking Your Oats

Pin It Now! I think I have heard a saying about "sowing your oats" or something like that, but that is not what I am talking about today. :)

Oats, like other gluten-containing grains are not easily digested by us humans because they contain phytic acid. This acid is located in the outer layer of the bran, which binds minerals and can block their absorption. This is possibly why so many people have an allergy to whole wheat since it is the highest in phytic acid. (Good grief, aren't they telling us to eat more whole wheat for our health's sake?)

Soaking oatmeal, and all other grains for that matter, will make them easier to digest because one, it neutralizes the phytic acid, especially if the water is acidic,and two, lactobacilli break down the gluten and other proteins that are difficult to digest. These 2 components combined make the nutrients in the oatmeal available to us. The acidic water also encourages the production of many beneficial enzymes, which enhances the vitamin content, especially the B vitamins.

**So here's a very simple thing you can do to up the nutritional value of your oatmeal:

Mix 2 cups rolled oats and 2 cups warm water and let it soak overnight. (adding 4T. plain yogurt, sour milk, or buttermilk helps.)

The next morning you will need to add your soaked oats to boiling water (recipe says 2 cups but I use less), reduce heat and simmer until hot.

I love to eat mine with chopped nuts, chopped banana, brown sugar and milk!

Visit Rocksinmydryer for more handy hints.

*Sorry no WFMW label or other photos--Hubby took the laptop to work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

Pin It Now! We enjoyed a nice, relaxing Memorial Day. Since Mark was doing ALL the cooking, I was able to run a few errands and spend some time cleaning. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Temps were much more pleasant than last weekend.

I am so glad, as I am sure the kids are, too, that this is our last week of school. We have just a few subjects to finish up, and I need to finish "Spring Cleaning"!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prince Caspian

Pin It Now! We kicked off our Memorial Day Weekend with a trip to the theater and saw Prince Caspian.

It was a really great movie! The boys loved it, and Mullin wants a Peter costume. He actually just finished reading the book yesterday. Shiloh managed to behave very well for the entire 2 and a half hours. Popcorn, Dots, and Hi-C kept her occupied for a bit. About 20 minutes before it ended, she fell asleep in my arms. Never heard a peep from Mr. Lincoln.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chalky Rocks

Pin It Now! I just love easy science experiments that are entertaining and cheap!!!!

We are presently studying about rocks and minerals. We live in the perfect place for that!

Anyway, the kids were supposed to find rocks and test to see if they contained chalk. All you have to do is drip vinegar onto the rock and wait to see if it fizzes. EASY and not very messy at all!

With cheeks full of gummies and a dropper filled with vinegar, Lincoln was ready to be a geologist!! He tested a bunch of rocks from his rock collection that he's been building up for the past few years now. Not a one was a chalky rock. But a few days later big brother finally found one and they were so excited. Mullin drew a picture on our back patio with it. Oh, I should have taken a photo. :(

We are planning a summer field trip to expand our rocky horizons. So stay tuned!


Pin It Now! It's been overcast and rainy for the past 2 days. Even got some hail yesterday. Nothing serious or anything. Oh, but how it has lowered the temps! It is actually chilly outside right now. The weather will be perfect for this holiday weekend!

Last weekend we hit triple digits!! It is supposed to be hot here, but not that hot...yet We desperately needed the rain, but I am ready for sunny skies again. How, I wonder, did I ever live in TN?! I remember sinking into the depths of despair when we would be stuck inside our TN home just waiting for the rain to end. Then our yard would just be a big, muddy swampland. By the time it would dry out, it would rain again.

So here's what we did during the major, heatwave: Dad and kids washed our VERY dirty SUV! They were so thrilled over putting their suits on and getting soaked.

Grandparents, this is the best I could do at capturing Mullin on film. He refused to look at the camera!! Honestly, I love him as much as the other 2, but he hates being center stage. You all will just have to come see him in person!

Lincoln is doing a fine job washing all the splattered bugs off the car!!!

Oh goodness, Sweet Sue just thought she was the biggest helper ever.

This was taken on Sunday morning last week around 8:3o or so, and we were only out for about 5 minutes. Sweat was pouring down my face by the time we went in. That was a triple digit day!!! Mirages really are common in the desert, you know. I kept thinking that I saw a nice, refreshing, salt water pool in my backyard as I was snapping shots of my cutie pie!

Maybe, hopefully someday it will no longer be a mirage!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terrible Tragedy

Pin It Now! Updated: You can go here to meet little Maria and to give your condolences to the Chapman family.

I just couldn't believe the news my husband shared with me this morning. I am sure so many have already heard about the tragic accident involving Stephen Curtis Chapman's teenage son and 5 year old daughter. I can't fathom the pain I'd experience over losing one of my kids.

My heart goes out to their family, and now I am positive that I won't be able to hold back the tears anymore when I hear Chapman's Cinderella song. Not only will my heart be breaking just thinking about my own daughter growing up and leaving, but it will be breaking over the fact that the Chapman's have lost one of their Cinderellas forever. I can't keep the words, "...the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone." from playing over and over in my head.

Remember this wonderful family in your prayers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Diaper Doozy

Pin It Now! Let me just start out by saying I am thankful for 2 things right now: Changing tables and bathtubs.

So, my daughter decides to change her own poopie diaper today.

Yes, I was horrified, but we all managed to survive.

Seriously, she'd only been out of my sight for about 5 minutes. I had to finish washing lunch dishes. As soon as I was done, I headed upstairs to get the kids ready for rest time, and, oh my goodness, that's when I was met with that most dreadful sight!

Her diaper was off and she'd already used about 10 wipes. For a moment I didn't know where to begin. We are not talking a convenient little patty here; it was a mess. Some was on the wall, some on her clothes, and it was smeared all over the diaper changing table. It was gross, but I haven't even shared the best part yet. With her free hand she was taking her passy in and out of her mouth. That hand had POOP on it!!! I was trying my best to remain somewhat calm and still drive home the fact that she was to never do that again!!

Thank goodness she had sense enough to do the dirty deed on the changing table and not on the floor!

I bet some mommas out there are so relating to this!! If you want, feel free to share your worst diaper nightmare with me. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Memories

Pin It Now! Seems like yesterday when my two sweet boys made teeny, tiny hand prints on plates for Mother's Day. But... that was in 2003

Seems like yesterday when I had my first Mother's Day with my daughter. Those same two sweet, little boys proudly presented me with breakfast and a card. But... that was in 2006.

Oh my goodness! It is so hard to believe that I am celebrating my 10th Mother's Day! (If you count the one when I was pregnant with Mullin.) I have said it before and I will say it again, "The days are long, but the years are SHORT!"

Mommy and Lincoln--This sweet boy brought me breakfast while I was getting ready for church this morning. (It consisted of a piece of bread with honey and a cup of orange juice.) :)

Mommy and Shiloh--This precious cutie-pie has been telling me "Happy Birthday" all week. I guess she has yet to figure out the whole Mother's Day holiday.

Mommy and Mullin. This thoughtful child spent his own money to buy me a gift. He even picked it out himself. I had mentioned a few times that I wanted a garden gnome. Why? Well that is a secret. :) Anyway, he couldn't have picked out a more perfect one--I absolutely love it!!!

While I spent the afternoon at Starbucks with my mom, my sweet husband was slaving over a delicious dinner!! Tasty, colorful pork and beef kabobs, Pawpaw's heart-attack potatoes, and for dessert, French Silk Pie --yum!!!

Thank you to my wonderful family for a special day!

Eleven Years!

Pin It Now! 3 kids, 3 houses, and 2 states later... Here we are.

So far it has been a maze of ups and downs, twists and turns, VALLEYS and mountains, joys and heartaches...but we have managed, by God's grace and mercy, to survive through it all!

Friday, May 09, 2008

He's Not Pregnant!!

Pin It Now! SHE is!

I am tired of hearing about a "man" who is going to give birth this summer. I am sure everyone has already heard about this story, so I won't even bother giving a link.

There is absolutely nothing shocking about this pregnancy. It is more than normal for a female born with ovaries and a womb to get pregnant. What's shocking is that a former Miss Teen Hawaii finalist would want to cut off body parts and grow new ones. What's shocking is that the world wants to play along and refer to this person as a "he" and make such a fuss--like a male is really having a baby. As John Stossel would say, "Give me a break!"

How absurd does this sound? I really think Puerto Ricans are beautiful. I would love to have naturally thick, shiny, straight black hair, black eyes and light brown skin. I guess I could dye my hair, sleep in a tanning bed, and learn the language. But seriously, no matter how hard I tried, I would never truly be Puerto Rican. Calling myself one wouldn't make me one. I mean, come on, could I really legally mark that box on important documents just because I wanted to? People would laugh and probably be thinking, "Someone needs to send that girl to the funny farm." My DNA will always reveal that I am white and freckly without a single trace of Puerto Rican blood.

My purpose for this post is not to single out this particular person and create controversy over her moral decisions etc., but to just point out that unless we are talking about a seahorse, it is biologically impossible for a male human to carry a child and give birth. So, no reason for all this fuss, right?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bella Lucce

Pin It Now! I recently got in touch with an old, elementary school chum. In fact she (Lela) was my very first friend when I moved to Tennessee in 4th grade. She was the only peer that was truly nice to me, and the only classmate to attend my birthday party that spring.

A few years ago I was hoping to see her at my 10 year high school reunion, but she was unable to come. Since then I have been meaning to get in touch with her, but you know how things go, I just wasn't getting around to it. Finally, through another friend, I tracked down her info. in order to drop her a line. I knew she had started her own skin care business, but had NO IDEA how successful this gal had become!! After sending her an email, I decided to browse her site, and was simply amazed.

Her products are all natural which is right up my alley, and not only that they are made with the most exotic and delicious sounding ingredients imaginable! The Chocolate Spa collection sounds absolutely heavenly, and the Pumpkin Glow Body Scrub would be great for this pumpkin lover!! (Hubby, feel free to take notes. :)) And that is just scratching the surface of her amazing line of beauty products.

Her business was voted 2007 Indie Beauty Business of the Year! Wow, I was and am so impressed. She has an inspiring "rags to riches" story, and I am truly happy for her!!! You can go to her home page now and register to win a Bella Lucce gift box.

It has been fun chatting with my old friend and reminiscing a bit. :) I would love to know what you think of her products!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Ebay Pile

Pin It Now! Oh my goodness. I just couldn't stand looking at those growing ebay piles in my room any longer. So, today I finally got around to listing some items.

I always find it hard to add the non-regular things to my everyday to-do lists. The regular, everyday things take up all of my time. Adding even just one thing is always a challenge, but I told the kids to entertain themselves and let me be so I could do this much needed task.

I finally signed up with and listed about 15 books. Won't make much money off of them, but anything will help right now. I am wondering if listing some of them was a complete waste of time. $0.75 cents doesn't go very far. Didn't have time to list the other ebay items. Going to try and sell some of Shiloh's clothes and other misc. items. All proceeds will go toward school books, and a few summer items to help entertain kids when it is 115 degrees outside. And that will be here before I know it!

Birthday Celebration

Pin It Now! Both my mom and brother share the same birthday--May 3rd. My sister hosted a fun birthday party with a tropical flare. The kids had a blast soaking each other with water balloons. I had a blast eating my second favorite candy--Jelly Bellys!!!
The kids had fun playing ring toss on Blake's head. Guess which amazing aunt got to hold baby Easton while they played??
See that cool baseball cake my sister is adorning with candles? I slaved over it for my brother who, by the way, will be enjoying his very last year in his glorious 20's.
A close up of the adorable baby Easton. I can't believe I didn't even get a photo of the twins. :( I have to admit, I wasn't a very good picture-taker at this party.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Shouldn't Be Surprised

Pin It Now! Went to get my "small" cavity filled yesterday afternoon.

I know you all want to grab a cup of hot tea or coffee and share in my tooth woes, right? :)

Before I go any further let me inform that an X-ray is 2 dimensional, so it cannot show the dentist what is underneath a silver filling. I already had one of those in the tooth that was getting worked on.

The dentist, while removing my silver filling, found that my tooth underneath was basically rotten! I shouldn't be surprised b/c I was feeling a twinge in that tooth every time I drank something cold, and usually by the time I feel any pain it is anything but a small cavity we are dealing with. Plus, this very same thing has happened to me before, so it was just like De Ja Vu!!! I guess I can let myself off the hook b/c no amount of brushing, flossing and rinsing could have prevented the decay taking place under my filling.

Fearing the worst and trying to fight back tears over the "big mama" cavity as the assistant called it, I prepared myself to hear the dreaded R word--root canal. Plus, all I could see were dollar signs dancing around in my head. Those things aren't cheap! My dentist, who by the way is a very good one in my opinion, explained everything he had done so far and showed me a few disgusting, color photos of the decay and the huge gaping hole left in my tooth.

Then came the diagnosis: No root canal, thank goodness, BUT b/c the cavity was so gigantic it can't be filled with an ordinary filling. In an effort to save what remained of my tooth and to keep me from having to get a crown, I am getting a permanent porcelain thingy cemented to it. I get to go back again in 10 days. Yea!

I hope I don't have to have anesthesia again. I just can't handle that stuff anymore. Almost immediatley my heart starts to race and I become very jittery. It lasts for hours, too. Makes me feel just awful. Snappy, too!! I also can't stand to hold my mouth open for any length of time, either. Oh, it just really bothers me now!!!

I don't remember that happening as a kid. And I have had TONS of shots in my mouth. I am the girl who had about 7 baby teeth, roots and all, pulled around the age of 7 or 8. In fact I still have them. My kids are dying to see them. When I had my wisdom teeth cut out from under the bone, I refused to be put to sleep for it. I got about 10 shots and was good to go. Oh, the joys of being young!!

I am seriously trying to be thankful in the midst of this trial, but my flesh wants to stress over the extra $600.00 that has to be spent. This came at a time when we need to be paying for home school books not porcelain caps.

I am thankful, though, that I don't have to have a root canal--that would have been much more expensive!

I am thankful that I don't have cancer or some other fatal disease that would keep me from home schooling my kids.

I am thankful that I don't have to get a set of false teeth....yet.


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