Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mapiful: Custom Poster Prints {Review}

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This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission from purchases made through the links in this post. Thank you!

My heart happy-danced when MAPIFUL contacted me about becoming a partner. Since I'm a bookish nerd, anything mapish is right up my alley as well. You guys, MAPIFUL sent me a complimentary map that I designed and customized with just a few clicks! 

Maps are a great way to add stylish and meaningful decor to your space. Or, if you're a bookstagrammer like me, how about using a map for book pics? 

What is MAPIFUL?

MAPIFUL is a company that allows you to easily customize map or text art prints for your wall or any space you choose. 

You can create a special map of where you live, where you got married, or where your kids were born. Or how about a map of your your honeymoon, a favorite trip, or even your favorite bookish place. Like Prince Edward Island, for instance, if you're an Anne of Green Gables fan like me.

Click here to design your own map!

4 Custom Print Types

4 Easy Steps

  • Choose location
  • Change labels
  • Change appearance and style
  • Change size and orientation
For location you can choose a city, state, country, etc. Try zooming in or out for the perfect image that you want. For labels you can leave it simple, showing only the exact location. Or get creative and say "First Home" or write out whatever phrase fits your special occasion. There are many popular styles to choose from, or you can customize even more by playing around with different themes and colors. Maps come in three different sizes (U.S.) in either landscape or portrait.

*Check MAPIFUL for current pricing and for any sales going on! At the time of this post you can buy 2 prints and get 50% off the second!

My Thoughts

My Order

I kept my map pretty simple. England for location, and I didn't change any of the labels. I chose the popular style, Nรคra, for a modern, farmhouse/Scandi look. Between portrait and landscape orientation, I picked portrait. And that's it!

The Process

Ordering was super easy. Checkout was simple, and it took about a week for my map to arrive. Map came in a triangular shaped box and was nicely packaged. (I uploaded an unboxing video on Instagram.)

My Map

I really like it! I like its simplicity. It's modern and stylish - perfect to hang up or use as a book photo prop. I love historical English settings, so I figured it would work well for my bookish Instagram account. Plus, some of my ancestors are from Devon, and really, I just love all things English. I've never been to England, though. Maybe someday. 

The map is printed on matte poster paper. Probably thicker than a regular poster you get at your local store. My map had a few waves on it from being rolled up, but it isn't noticeable hanging up in a frame. While taking photos, I forgot they were even there. 

Here's a photo of my full map below. With ALL the windows in my house, it wasn't easy getting a good photo on my phone camera. I still hope this gives you an idea of what it looks like in a frame. :)

Unique Gift Idea

I think a map would make a great gift for any occasion. Maybe a Star Map for a birthday or a Classic Map for an anniversary. The sky is the limit!

Christmas is right around the corner. Can't think of the perfect gift for the person who has everything - consider customizing a meaningful map that will last a lifetime. Get a jump-start on your Christmas list now and let your creativity fly. Look at this Hogwarts map. How fun for a Harry Potter lover.

Which map style is your favorite?

What kind of map would you want to design for yourself? 

For someone else? 

Besides my England map, I think it would be nice to have a map of when and where my husband and I got married. (Memphis, Tennessee) Like I mentioned earlier, It'd be fun to customize a map of a favorite bookish world, too. So many to choose from, though!

Side note: I love this map of Norway (above). My great-grandparents came to America from Norway as children. I've also been learning Norwegian on DuoLingo for over a year now. As you can see, I'm going a bit map crazy. ;)

I'd love to know what kind of map you designed. Let me know in the comments. 


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2020 Book List {July - December}

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My 2020 Book List {July - December}

Instagram is where I post my thoughts on these books. However, you can click the links for details on Amazon.

Affiliate links are included in this post. I make a small commission for items purchased through these links. Thank you!


46. Victoria's War: A Novel by Catherine A. Hamilton

51. The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

55. Tidewater Inn: A Hope Beach Novel by Colleen Coble 

63. Name Unknown (Shadows Over England) by Roseanna M. White

63. Rosemary Cottage (Hope Beach) by Colleen Coble


67. Toothbreaker by M. H. Elrich

68. Saratoga Letters by Elaine Marie Cooper

69. Some Through the Fire by Jennifer Q. Hunt

70.Back to Shady Cove by Jean L. Kuhnke

72. A Bend In The Road by Jean L. Kuhnke


77. A Drowned Maiden's Hair: A Melodrama by Laura Amy Schlitz

81. The Homecoming by Earl Hamner, Jr.

83. The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz


85. Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes 

86. The Peasant's Dream by Melanie Dickerson

91. Haunting at Bonaventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright


97. Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes

98. The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff

99. Girl behind the Red Rope by Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker

100. A Christmas Courting by various authors


101. Winterhouse (Winterhouse, 1) by Ben Guterson


102. Angel and Bavar by Amy Wilson





106. Occasional Moments of Happiness by Shana Donyaei



108. The Ickabog by J. K. Rowling

And so 2020 ends with 108 books read! While I can't pick a favorite book (too many good ones), I can say that Amanda Dykes is a new favorite, must-read author. Her word-weaving speaks to me. :)


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