Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pin It Now! Things I will miss about living here:

*The Collierville Town Square---lots of memories made there!
*Being out and about and seeing people that I know
*Dogwoods and Azaleas---I will miss driving by the house by the old Cordova Library in the spring.
*My husband's family---especially Christmas Day and the BBQ's at Pa's house
*My close friends that I have known for what seems like forever
*Seeing all of the trees fade to amazing hues in autumn
*Bellevue---lots of great memories made there! I met my husband there and so many wonderful friends. It has been my place of worship for 12 years now.
*Lots and lots of green grass
*The architecture
*Hanging out with our friendly neighbors in the evenings
*All of those crazy college kids
*My dad and his wife---the kids love spending time with them!

Things that I will not miss about living here:

*Frizzy hair
*Soggy backyards from fall to spring
*Big, fat, juicy Wolf Spiders---guess I'd rather have the spiders over scorpions, though
*The racial tension that plagues this town
*Wet snow
*Freezing rain

I am sure I could think of 100 more, but I am tired and my brain is getting fuzzy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

12 Days Left in Tennessee

Pin It Now! Seems like yesterday that my family and I arrived here. It was December of '85, and I was a very shy little 4th grader. I was devastated about leaving the only home I had ever known and loved. To make matters worse, on the first day in my new classroom I was greeted by a very tall and rather large African American woman who was not pleased at having a new student and didn't mind one bit making it known. Everyone said I talked funny. (Imagine that, bumpkins telling me that I talked weird!) I was friendless and miserable. I cried every night for at least a month. Things did get better for me, though, once the teacher realized that I was a quiet, obedient, honor student. By the end of the year she loved me and I loved her. Well, the rest is history, and now after 21 years I am moving back to the the very place I was born. (And I have a feeling people are going to tell me that I talk funny.)

I think I am too busy to be overly sad right now. Doesn't seem possible to tie up all the loose ends in just 12 days. I am tired, no, exhausted.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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