Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Yearbooked Myself!

Pin It Now! Step with me back in time. We are going on a yearbook journey. Sound fun? Well, the following snapshots reveal what I may have looked like in years past. I won't be offended if you laugh out loud. I sure did!!!!!

In 1952, I just might have sported a do like this one. Wow, I have never seen myself with short hair!!!

1960-- Hmm, maybe I could pass for a Joyce Rogers look-a-like.

1964-- I imagine this as me when I am old or something.

1966--This is my favorite!! Really, if I could pull it off, I'd do it now!

1968-- Seeing myself with this hair style reminds me of my mom for some reason--last pic, too.

1974--Had a difficult time making my face fit. Looks terrible. Makes me thankful for my narrow chin!!

1978--Now this is awesome!!! Always wondered what I'd look like with a fro!

1984--Yikes! How in the world did the feathered look ever stay in style??? Anyone thinkin' Tina Turner here???

1986--Just altogether WRONG!!!!!

1990--Uh,oh. The hair styles are starting to hit closer to home!! Scary, but I remember wearing my hair like this in 8th grade.

1994--Of all the pics, this one hit me the hardest. Brings back so many hair memories. '94 was the year I graduated high school, and I am proud to say that I had forsaken this do a few years back!!!

1996--Very interesting to see me with short, blond hair. Never had either.

1998--Looks like a book landed on my head.

2000--It was fun seeing all these different hairdos from 1950-2000. Amazing how much a hair style can really change a face.

If anyone wants to give this a try, go here. Let me know if you do!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In God We Trust!

Pin It Now! My MIL sent me a link to go and vote in an online poll if I thought that the phrase"In God We Trust" should remain on our money. I voted YES and was surprised to see that the No's were at 33%! Go here if you wish to participate.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surprise Pumpkins

Pin It Now! This pumpkin vine is from one seed. Looks nice and healthy from here, but all of my baby pumpkin buds kept turning yellow and shriveling up. I was getting a bit frustrated with it, especially after my squash and zucchini did so well this summer. After about 10 of my buds fell off, I almost ripped the whole thing out, but for some reason I decided to just leave it alone.

While watering a few days ago, I spotted this!!! Yay!!! Maybe this one will stick around. Isn't it cute?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Half Raised

Pin It Now! My oldest child is nine today. Nine. That means he's half raised.

Good night moon! Where, oh, where has my little boy gone?

Double his age from right this very minute, and he's gone, off to college somewhere in this great, big world. Wow, that'll wake ya up!

Seriously, I got all teary one day last week when this incredible thought hit me like a ton of Arizona desert rock!

I have been a SAHM every minute of his life, and it feels like I haven't had enough time with this little guy. It goes way too fast. Life truly is but a vapor, and this truth becomes so real when you have been given the amazing gift of a child.

As difficult as it is, I don't regret being a SAHM. Really, I've only got 9 years left to raise this son of mine, and then he will be considered an adult, on his own. I am sitting here thinking, surely this can't be right! Only 9 years left. Crazy, it is.

I could choose to dwell on all the things I think I should have done differently, but I won't. Today I will celebrate my oldest whom I struggled to bring in to this world almost to the point of death. Thank you, God, for letting me stay to raise my son.

Happy birthday, Mullin. I love you with all my heart. ---Mom

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Shiloh Pics

Pin It Now! Shiloh standing between our beautiful Texas Sage bushes out front. I just love it when they are in full bloom!!!

Shiloh is clueless!!! Poor thing can't play CLUE with Daddy, Mommy and Bubbies, so she asked if she could play by herself. Awwwww.
Shiloh wanted to dress up like Daddy. Listening to her imitating his voice was priceless!

Shiloh loves to paint. She is very serious about her masterpieces!

Shiloh had a blast on the water slide my sister gave to us. So much for trying to be modest with a one piece!! :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Other Name For "Kiwi Bird"

Pin It Now! Just be forewarned that this is probably the most crass post that I will write. I do apologize in advance to anyone who takes offense, but I just couldn't pass up posting on the latest "Lincolnism".

School started Monday. This year's science focus is Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I am starting Lincoln off with a book about birds--one that I got from Chick-Fil-A a few years ago.

Anyway, each 2 page spread has a topic with many sub-headings. One of the sub-headings at the end of each page is, "Amazing but true". Here, one finds an amazing fact about a bird.

The first "Amazing but true" fact in our book has a drawing of a kiwi bird right above the sub-heading.

So, my little first grader, who still has to phonetically sound out words, must've just glanced at this heading instead of actually reading it.

Okay, Kiwi Bird picture and heading, Amazing but true. Got it?

Here's what Lincoln saw: Kiwi Bird picture and the heading, "Arizona butt turd".

The kind of laugh that starts deep in the belly was instigated, and I am still laughing over it every time I think about it.

Oh, sweet Lincoln, mama will chuckle from now on every time I see a picture of a kiwi bird.


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