Monday, October 30, 2006

Schnepf Farms

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Twin Nephews are Here!!

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My beautiful nephews arrived Oct. 17, 2006 by C-section. They were born about a month early, but are doing great.

Ryan Adam arrived first weighing 5lbs. 15oz.
Next came Kenneth Aaron who weighed 6lbs. 10z.

They were both 19in. long and are identical!

Proud daddy (my brother) and me a very proud aunt!

Do you smell somethin'?

Pin It Now! Benjamin Franklin once said, "Fish and visitors smell after three days."

Hope we're not gettin' too stinky!!

I guess technically we're not really visitors, though. More like temporary residents. Is that the same thing?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rainy Day

Pin It Now! We planned on taking the kids to the park on Saturday morning, but by the time we figured out how to get there, it started raining (believe it or not). You should have seen the long faces. It is kinda nice that it doesn't get all humid here when it rains.

Instead of playing ball, we decided to make good on a promise that we made to the boys at the end of the summer for their over-the-top participation in the summer reading book club thing at the library. Our promise- a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Now you may be thinking, Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday, No way! Well, in Memphis we wouldn't have dared, but the joint's a bit different here. The workers, well they work, and they are friendly. My ears didn't hurt and there was space to move around. I wasn't watching the windows at all times in fear of a gunman walking in and holding up the place. Of course that could happen anywhere, but the Chuck E. Cheese that is considered the "safe" one in Memphis has been robbed at gunpoint, with kids inside, at least twice. Scary.

Saturday was also a big day for me because I got out for the very first time all by myself. That is a huge thing for me since I suffer from being directionally challenged. I went to Fry's (same thing as Kroger).

When we are meeting new people, we have to "small talk", which I am really not very fond of because I am not good at it. Mark is like the small talk King, so I just let him do most of it. Anyway, the weather is ALWAYS brought up, and everyone is talking about how amazing the fall weather is and such and such. I try to furrow my brow in my mind and just nod my head with a smile, but all the while thinking to myself, I am still wearing shorts and tank tops for goodness sakes. I will admit the mornings and evenings are nice, but by mid day it is just plain HOT!

I will be glad as we get to know our surroundings better. I don't like not knowing where the good and bad parts are. And here it's a bit weird because on one side of the road will be shack attack and on the other mansion mania. Interesting.

I miss the color GREEN but the mountains are pretty.

Mostly I miss familiarity and all our people that we know!!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Sense of Normalcy

Pin It Now! First day back to school after 2 long and crazy weeks! I would be able to say it was a great day if Shiloh hadn't cried and hung on me so much. It makes teaching much less enjoyable than I would like for it to be. Took a walk in the neighborhood with my kids--pleasant weather, but still too hot for October. The skies have been beautiful, and it has actually rained here a couple of times since we have been here.

I hope Mark is having a good first day at a new job.

Went house hunting this past weekend. It is hard for me to be excited when I still can't seem to catch my breath over the cost of homes out here! In my opinion it is just ridiculous! Looks like we will have to look into the foreclosures so we can benefit from someone else's misfortune. Sad but true.

Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. Mistake. Nightmares all night long. I was thankful that my clock read 3:08 instead of 3:00 when I awoke from one of my nightmares this morning.

I am ready to be able to post pictures. Blogs are boring without them!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Pin It Now! Found a health food store today, so that was nice. It's called Sprouts. It compares to Wild Oats back home except much cleaner. Felt at home there. Mark kept trying to get me to bring a 6 pack of Pumpkin Ale home, but I decided that after a huge "celebration" lunch at Jack in the Box, it would be better to refuse.
I think it is against the law here to not have a Lantana bush in your front yard.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Pin It Now! Very strange to call this place home. Feels different than when I used to just visit. EVERYTHING is different, and I feel like everybody knows that I am a hick from the South. Not that I have spoken to anyone or anything. I spent the last month totally excited and adrenaline pumping non stop! That has all come to a halt. I am not having second thoughts, but it's just that I have entered the unfun stage--trying to unpack, getting the kids used to all the new stuff, etc...
I actually got teary yesterday as I walked out the front door. I miss my neighbors already. I miss the kids playing with their friends, and maybe even the guy who asked me every single day where I was moving. I am terribly missing the familiarity. :(
I wish I could post pictures but our computer is still packed.
I miss everyone!!


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