Thursday, May 28, 2009

Misc. Pawpaw and Grandma Pics

Pin It Now! Pawpaw and Grandma read lots of books to Shiloh while they were here.

Sunday morning before church. Mark was already gone preparing for worship.

Memorial Day--Nothing special, just hanging out eating burgers and watching the kids play on the water slide. Home made peach ice cream for dessert. Peaches straight from my mom's tree. It was delicious!!

Grandma and Shiloh played Monopoly Jr. (or ponopoly as Shiloh calls it) I don't know how many times!! Grandma is so patient. :) I hope Shiloh retains memories of this special trip and spending time with her great grandparents. We left TN just a few months after she turned one, so she really didn't get to know them before we left.

Early Tuesday morning right before it was time to say goodbye. Mark and Lincoln drove to the Grand Canyon with Pawpaw and Grandma, but they came home that night.
We are so glad you came, Pawpaw and Grandma. We had lots of fun, and we MISS you!!!!!! Thank you for the memories!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thompson Boyce Arbetorum

Pin It Now!
Pawpaw and Grandma with the kids before we started the trail.

We actually did see a few hummingbirds and butterflies along the trail.

Shiloh playing hopscotch in the children's garden.

The children's garden area was very colorful and beautiful.

Mullin's at the top of the hill and Lincoln just lost his flip flop. Next time we will know to all wear tennis shoes!!

A very disappointed girl. We wouldn't let her climb the steep, rocky hill with her brothers.

Pawpaw and Grandma were amazed at all of the varieties of cactus or I guess I should say, 'cacti'.

Taking a break--thank goodness it was a cloudy day. We didn't realize how long the trail was or how gravelly the trail was in some places. Not exactly cute sandal friendly.

Almost at the end. It was a fun and interesting trail. Saw lots of pomegranate trees--yum! By the end, though, we were all very tired and hungry!

The Box

Pin It Now! Mark's Pawpaw and Grandma arrived safely all the way from Memphis on Thursday, May 21 around 3:00 in the afternoon. And there was a big, brown box in the back of their minivan that couldn't be opened until after Daddy got home. Torture for the kids for sure. Immediately after dinner, before Daddy had to scoot on out the door again (this time for band practice), Shiloh was the one who got to open it.

Pawpaw and Grandma explained that it was an early birthday present.

She was so excited and the boys waited patiently...

Wow, I was totally unprepared for what was in that box!!! Tons of Barbie furniture hand made by Grandma, which is Shiloh's GREAT Grandma. Such a treasure.

A dining set, living room set and a bedroom set--I believe 24 pieces in all. A lot of work and love went into this gift! At the very bottom of the box was a little something for Mullin and Lincoln, too--green paper with numbers. And of course it was spent the very next day on Star Wars stuff!

Shiloh loved it. Mullin helped her set the furniture up while she brought her Barbies downstairs. A perfect gift for Shiloh who is getting very into Barbies right now!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fairy Berry Flaxseed Smoothie

Pin It Now! I absolutely love making smoothies. I think I have finally got the basic ingredients down, so that the consistency is just the way I like it!

I concocted this smoothie for a recipe contest that I plan to enter. I dedicate it to my sweet daughter, Shiloh, who brings out the fairy and all things girlie in me!!

You will need:

1 jar Santa Cruz Organic Berry Nectar
1 frozen banana
11 frozen blackberries
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup Brown Cow Vanilla Cream Top yogurt
1 cup ice
2 TBSP whole ground flax seed meal

** I added the ingredients to a blender in the following order-- blackberries, strawberries, banana, yogurt, Berry Nectar (which I filled to the 5 cup line), flax seed and then finally the ice. Just blend until smooth. I like to stick the whole blender jar in the freezer for about 10-15 min. to thicken it just a tad and to make it really cold. (For the fruit, I used fresh and put it all in the freezer.)

I can't wait to invent many more of these tasty treats!

Triple Digits

Pin It Now! How do you celebrate triple digit desert temps? By bringing out last year's water slide blow up!!!! It is the same one my sweet sister gave us since we don't have a pool to keep cool. :)

Even though I lathered the kiddos in sunscreen, the boys both got a bit burnt on their backs. First time to have a "real" sunburn. It is so easy to forget the intense power of this AZ sun!

Shiloh loves to slide down with Daddy.

They had a super fun afternoon and were completely exhausted, especially Sweet Sue!

May 10, 2009

Pin It Now! Celebrating our 12th anniversary. We went out Friday night to The Cheesecake Factory.

Celebrating Mother's Day. Kids brought me breakfast in bed. Daddy made home made waffle sticks.

Love my Solar Garden Fairy and Starbucks card!! Hmmm, I will have to think of a name for my sweet fairy.

So glad I can spend time with my mom on Mother's Day! :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bye, Bye Pappy

Pin It Now! Sunday was the day Shiloh decided she was ready to trade her "pappies" for the orange My Little Pony she has been wanting forever. Scootaloo is her name.

I cut the pappies first and she threw them into the big, nasty garbage can outside. I wanted her to know that they were irretrievable!

She has realized what she has done and isn't as excited about opening her new toy.

Once Scootaloo is out of the package, Shiloh is a tad happier but not much.
Bedtime was no picnic last night, her first night without her beloved pappy. But after she finally went to sleep, she slept the entire night. Thank goodness!!!!
Hopefully tonight will go more smoothly than last night...

Shiloh's New Bike

Pin It Now! Just as promised, I bought Shiloh a big-girl bike with garage sale money. When she saw her new bike, she rewarded me with a heartfelt "Thank you, Mommy!" and a sweet kiss on the cheek.

I was a little worried she would be disappointed that it wasn't a princess, Dora, or Barbie bicycle since she had seen and loved those when we were at the store a while back, but she didn't seem to mind one bit! :) The "Sea Star" Huffy was about 1/2 the cost, so I had to go with it.

She was a natural--not scared at all. Just needs to learn to use her brakes and not her feet to stop the bike.

One happy girl!


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