Friday, August 12, 2022

Ameo Life Giveaway & Review

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What is Ameo Life?

Ameo Life  is a company that specializes in creating natural supplements which support overall health and well-being. The products are unique in that they contain silver. Sound a bit scary? Well, these contain a substance called structured silver, silver that bonds itself to water molecules. Basically, It means the silver can't separate from the water molecules and build up in our bodies. 

Some benefits of silver may include the ability to destroy bad bacteria, heal wounds, provide relief from inflammation, boost the immune system, and more. ***It's extremely important to use QUALITY silver products.

Ameo Life products are:

  • Gluten Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • GMP Certified
  • Dairy Friendly
  • GMO Free
  • Made in the USA

A Closer Look

Ameo Life sent me 4 full-sized products to try. 

  • Chelated Mulitvitamin: contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals, is rich in antioxidants, and helps increase energy and boost nutrient levels. 

*All of the above products are third party tested to ensure quality and efficacy. Please check the website for more information.

My Experience

First of all, the oatmeal spice soap smells amazing. Perfect for fall! It's smooth even though it contains oats, and it's even sudsy enough for shaving in the shower. I also like that it doesn't leave a ton of residue in the soap dish. I have used it on my face, but I've continued with my regular face routine as well. (My husband likes the soap too.)

I have experimented with combining a small amount of silver gel with my moisturizer and also using it separately before I put on moisturizer. Now, I'm trying it out on only one side of my face to see if I can tell a difference between the two. The gel is lightweight and seems to soak into my skin pretty quickly.  So far I haven't really noticed any changes in my skin since I started using it. I probably need more than 2 weeks to have a more substantial opinion. 

The first day that I included the silver solution and multivitamin in my diet, I experienced some pretty nasty heartburn and GERD symptoms--not typical for me. I decided to stop taking the vitamin but continue with the silver solution. I thought it was the vitamin causing the heartburn since the silver doesn't really smell or taste. After a week of this, I still had heartburn and that feeling that something was stuck in my throat. So, I stopped ingesting that too. 

I spoke to one of Ameo Life's cofounders on the phone about what was happening. He suggested that I may be having a herxheimer reaction which can happen when there's an overgrowth of yeast/bad bacteria. So, the silver solution was doing its job. Since I didn't want to live with constant heartburn, he suggested that I try again but only take 1/2 teaspoon instead of the recommended dose. So far, I am feeling ok and not having the same reaction that I did at first. Yay! He also reassured me that the solution was perfectly safe and that it was impossible for the silver (in this form) to build up in my system. Whew! I felt that he genuinely cared about my health and can't say enough about the great customer service I experienced. I plan to reintroduce the multivitamin soon. 

After I've finished using all of the products I received, I will come back here and give my final opinion. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway to try these products out for yourself!

{Disclaimer: I received products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.}


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