Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What More Could This Mama Want?

Pin It Now! So, about a week ago, my 9 yr. old son told me that he was going to start reading Proverbs during rest time. Said he wanted to find answers for dealing with some personal issues.  a MA zing!!!!  I had to put on a black shirt my heart was glowing so brightly!

My husband and I do not make our children read their Bibles.  I read and study with them every morning and my husband leads a study once a week.  Sometimes we go to the Bible looking for answers to life's questions, problems, etc., and sometimes our kids may need to look up verses for a school assignment.  But as for reading the Bible on their own and developing that personal relationship, we don't force it.

Today same son mentioned that he needed a dictionary for rest time. . . to look up unfamiliar words from Proverbs. Seriously?  My kid voluntarily using a dictionary!  My preconceived notion that home schooled kids guarded dictionaries as prized possessions was shot once I actually began home schooling. But here my son was asking for the book with words and their definitions!  My kids have always acted like even touching a dictionary would make them spontaneously break out in big, purple boils!

So, let me get this straight.  My son is reading the Bible and using a dictionary.  Voluntarily. 

What more could this mama want?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Buried with Brownie

Pin It Now! Lincoln mummified Shiloh for her history assignment about Egypt.  We even prepared the "linen strips" with essential oils as the Egyptians may have done.  Yes, Shiloh is supposed to be "dead" but I let her choose which oils anyway. :) She was one good smelling mummy!

Since Egyptians were often buried with important possessions, Shiloh chose her beloved Brownie to accompany her to the grave. Brownie is one of her favorite little stuffed doggies.

*I thought it interesting that these ancient Egyptians threw out the brain when removing the dead person's insides because they thought the heart did all the thinking.  Why they even preserved all the organs is a mystery since ya really don't need 'em anymore once you've breathed your last breath.  Bet they didn't need all their "stuff" anymore either.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twelve is . . .

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 being just 4 inches away from looking me in the eye,

 having the same size foot as me,

 asking for $ instead of having a party,

 eating dad's famous smoked shoulder and home made coleslaw for dinner instead of something "kiddish" like pizza,

 celebrating with dad's home made ice cream instead of traditional cake,

saving up and spending birthday and chore $ on a PSP!

Twelve is definitely one step closer to maturity!  Hope you had a wonderful birthday, son!  Love you. :)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Jelly Joe and the Horrible Crash

Pin It Now! I meant to publish this for Lincoln last year after he wrote it for a school assignment.  So, he was in third grade when he wrote it.  For your reading enjoyment, I present:

Jelly Joe and the Horrible Crash

by: Lincoln

One Saturday morning, Jelly Joe was late to his flight because his belly was so heavy he couldn't run that fast.  He finally made it to the airplane that was going to Hawaii.

The plane was already half way to Hawaii when suddenly, the plane ran out of gas.  Jelly Joe said, "Me jump out of plane."  Then he jumped out of the plane into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Jelly Joe didn't sink to the bottom because his big belly helped him float.

He shouted to everyone on the crashing plane, "Jump on my belly!"  So they did.

Everyone bailed on his belly, but it wasn't big enough to hold all of them.  The people on his belly decided to give Jelly Joe all of their food so his belly could grow bigger.  And it did.

They finally made it to Hawaii safely, all except Jelly Joe who exploded from eating too much food.


I've always loved a good story with sacrificial love as the main theme! ;)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On-line Noah's Ark Matching Game -- Really cute!

Pin It Now! This on-line Noah's Ark matching game is really neat!

Kids have 40 seconds to click the arks and match the animal pairs.  During the game, it's raining and pouring as the screen slowly fill up with water.  If you don't match all the pairs, you have to try again.  Match them all and see a beautiful surprise! :)

Enjoy.  This game works for my daughter and me.

Linked to WFMW

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Pin It Now! Look at the little friend we found hanging out on our sliding glass door curtains.  Awwww, a baby lizard.  I was able to pluck him right off.  Probably too scared to run away.

Crawling on Mullin's arm . . .
Lincoln makes sure he doesn't escape cuz Shiloh wants a turn to hold him . . .
She's just beside herself - she's tried for ages to catch a lizard in our backyard, but they're incredibly speedy!

Shiloh passed him back to Lincoln so he could have one last turn before we set him free.  As he was resting in Lincoln's hand, he detached his tail right before our eyes.  The tail kept wriggling apart from the lizard's body - weird.

Shiloh affectionately named him Crawlie.  May he live a long life eating pesky insects that threaten my garden's well-being!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Cleansed and Feeling Great!

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Second week of home schooling, a sick kid, and hubby out of town for a week--when could be a better time to start a total body cleanse?

Well, that's the week (last week) I picked and I stuck to it.  Why?  Because in January I declared 2011 the "Me Maintenance Year."

 For various reasons (some that couldn't be helped) I had to put my health on the back burner for a while, so I pretty much had to ignore multiplying symptoms.  I could tell that if I didn't change my "oil" soon, my "engine" was gonna up and quit on me!

I started the year off with a Chiropractic Care Plan, and I am happy to report after about 6 months of therapy, I am now down to going 2x a month!  My pinched nerve and other back, neck, and hip problems are definitely doing much better.

Now for the cleanse part:  I figured I needed a total body cleanse before I started seriously targeting other symptoms I was having.  (Insomnia, sweating, clogged Eustachian tubes, hormone issues, liver and adrenal issues, really I could go on and on . . .)  I was definitely hesitant about doing a cleanse because I had done one, oh, probably 6 or 7 years ago, and it was pure torture.  Bought it at a local health food store.  On top of drinking shakes, I had to prepare a separate dinner for myself every night, and that wasn't fun with 2 little ones at the time.  My food cravings never went away--by the time the cleanse was over, I was dying for a big, fat Sonic burger or something.  It just wasn't a pleasant experience.

I knew that's what my body needed now, though.  For the past few months, I had been eyeing Young Living's 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse wondering how on earth I could save $100 to use it. 

I just couldn't save up enough on my budget, but fortunately when my hubby got a promotion, he agreed to buy it for me.  (I know he is glad he did b/c he can see the results!)  THANK YOU HONEY!!!

So, the last week in July began my 5 day cleanse. It was so easy to follow:  Take 1 Digest + Cleanse pill 3x a day, drink Balance Complete shake 3x a day, and drink 2 oz. of NingXia Red 3x a day. The best part-- No meals to prepare!  The schedule recommends certain snacks in between "meals" if you have a high metabolism.  I did need to eat a couple of the snacks per day, but they are foods like apples, plums, nuts--easy, no prep stuff.

Day 1:  I did experience some light-headedness and craved food, but the pamphlet said I would.  I stayed strong, though!  I was surprised at how yummy the shakes were.  The first 2 days I mixed the powder with organic, raw cow's milk. 

Day 2:  Experience on this day depends on level of toxicity.  I still felt hungry at times and a little light-headed. 

Day 3:  Definitely feeling better and more energetic.  Wished I had a treadmill!!  Became reacquainted with my scale.  Tried mixing powder with unsweetened coconut milk and didn't like the texture.  Instead I mixed 1/2 water, 1/4 coconut milk, and 1/4 raw, cow milk--loved this mixture and continued with it until the end.

Day 4:  Became friends with my scale again.  Loved seeing my belly flatten before my eyes.  Great to put on a pair of capris I hadn't worn in a while due to gut hanging over.  Ick.

Day 5:  Honestly, food cravings were gone.  Felt great and motivated to keep up the good work!  By this day, I had lost about 4 lbs. and it was all in my middle--right where I needed it to be!!  Yea!

This was an amazing cleanse.  Worth the $100!!  I mean, really, we spend maintenance $ on our homes and cars, so I shouldn't feel to guilty, right?  I hope to be able to at least make this an annual cleanse. 

Now if I could just stop admiring myself in the mirror-ha! ;)


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