Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shiloh's Diamond Castle Party

Pin It Now! Our Diamond Castle set up...

Mama and the birthday girl--just look how big she is!!

Four dazzlingly beautiful princesses--Livi, Shiloh, Kaiya, and Sophie

Here, I am reading the Diamond Castle Barbie story to the sweet, little girls
Making necklaces just like Liana and Alexa in The Diamond Castle.

Princesses proudly wearing their necklaces. (The Diamond Castle Soundtrack is playing in the background.) :)

Time for presents!!! Yeah Barbie Rapunzel--another one of her favorite movies!!

Mirror decorating--a mirror was a very important part of the movie.

I don't think there is a Barbie trapped inside this mirror...

Princesses showing off their decorated mirrors

Last--time for cake, the messiest part of the party. Time for edible sparkles to end up all over the floor!!!!!!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our very own princess!!

What a fun party. Can't believe my baby girl is 4!!!!

Caramel Apples----Supreme!

Pin It Now! Gotta unwrap the caramels first...

Sweet Sue being so careful...

Mmmmm, caramel apples with chocolate, white chocolate, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, pecans, and coconut. (Pecan ones are on the plate--separate from Lincoln's apples)
Silly me forgot that you can't just melt choc. chips on the stove. The chocolate got so stiff and hard to manage. Was I supposed to add crisco or something? Guess I need to refresh my memory on how to successfully melt chocolate!!!

Yep, these are a bit messy to say the least.

Lincoln did not want a dirty face picture!

Hmmm, will she even be able to get to the apple?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Torture Tuesday

Pin It Now! We changed our "No TV Monday" to "No TV Tuesday" a couple of weeks ago. Works out better for us, but I might as well just call it Torture Tuesday. Seriously, I am sick of the complaining and whining, mostly from my younger two, but sorry for my kids, I ain't no give in Mama!

What did I do after breakfast this morning? Took all my kids on a bike ride, well, I was the only one not on a bike. What did I do when we came home all hot and sweaty? I read to them from our summer read aloud, Hugo Pepper. Oh, and a Care Bear book for Shiloh. What did I do after that? Made Apple Spice Drops (cookies) with them. Okay so, I had a big, fat mess to clean and I expected the kids to find something to do and leave me be. Goodnight Moon! It was like I had sent them to the dungeon to clean dragon dung or something.

My kids know that I don't really allow complaining--yeah, Shiloh still doesn't completely get it, but she still has to go to her room if she won't stop. Then I just get to hear her fake crying--so irritating!!!!!! Mullin, I have to admit, does a pretty great job of entertaining himself. Lincoln, knowing that I really can't stand complaining, just kinda goes around mumbling under his breath about how there is nothing to do. It's like I got my own Kreacher hangin' around. Ugh!! (At least Lincoln's a lot cuter!)

I know it is HOT outside and we don't have a car etc, etc, but it's just one day of no TV or video games (unless they are educational). And I shouldn't be the one throwing out tons of suggestions and ideas either!

Okay so... Why can't kids just PLAY these days? Or DRAW? Or WHATEVER? There's this thing called i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n-----USE IT!! You're only a kid for such a short time--if they only knew how short!!!

Kids and people in general are just so LAZY-it drives my insane. I think the big, black box is turning my kids' brains to mush, at least when it comes to using their imaginations on a regular basis.

Next Tuesday... they will have an assignment. They don't know it yet, but they will.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Birthday Girl

Pin It Now! Sugar and spice and all that's nice entered our world on June 22, 2005.

Hon Bun is one!! Still lived in Tennessee.

Sweet Sue is two! First birthday in Arizona.

How can it be? She just turned three!

Baby no more, my beautiful princess is four.
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Momma loves you so much!
Her sweet Daddy finished writing her song this year. Click on my side bar to listen--it's called, "When You Dance". It is just a rough recording, but it's a tear jerker--I can picture it being played along with a picture slide show at her rehearsal dinner... sniff, sniff.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How did I miss this one?

Pin It Now!

Happy Father's Day

Pin It Now!
Up bright and early to wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day before he left for church. He is so easy to please--Starbuck's card and a push broom. Yes, he is quite obsessed with sweeping up outside.

Well, it's an easy day for me since Mark wanted to grill out. All I have to do is heat up the fries and beans. He even went to the store to get what he wanted for his dinner. :)

So, Happy Father's Day, Babe--you're the greatest!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Bash

Pin It Now! Celebrating my dad's and Connie's birthdays at our house. Here we are singing "Happy Birthday"!

Two princesses giving Grandpa hugs.

Entertaining the kids with the blow up slide.

Jacob, Lincoln and Aiden--love Aiden's pose in the background. :)

The twins even enjoyed the pool. Aunt Brandi did have to get on to them for flooding the yard, though. "No, no, twins!"

Towards the end of the party the twins got brave and wanted to climb up, but Mullin and Christian had to help them.

Only one would actually go down the slide--I believe the brave one was Ryan.

This was the party for which I made the Paula Deen coconut cake with Barefoot Contessa icing. It was pretty good, but I don't think I have found the perfect coconut cake yet. Well, not unless you count the Cheesecake Factory's coconut stuff!!!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

How Dare She

Pin It Now! How dare she die while I am in the middle of baking a triple-layer coconut cake from scratch.

How dare she leave me stranded in my own home just 2 weeks into summer break.

How dare she give up on life now, especially when gas is cheap and I can afford to drive the kids around.

How dare she!!!!!!!!

Here she is, the little silver Taurus, all broke down in the middle of the desert. Broke down for good. Caput.

As we all know, life just isn't always fair. The lack of fairness seems to want to linger around here for a bit. We are back to one car, and while I do understand it isn't a true NEED, it sure isn't fun or very convenient. The kids and I always look forward to summer since we don't really get out much during home school season. Sigh.

When we first moved here and were staying at my mom's house, I didn't have a vehicle. So, for about 5 months, I just felt stuck. Then my sister's husband gave us one of his old, company cars, which was an incredible blessing. Last summer it began having issues and for a short time I was again without a means of transportation. Driving Mark to work last summer was completely out of the question, as he worked an hour away. Four hours of driving just to have a car during the day-- I don't think so. Now, he is only about 35 minutes away, so if I really needed to have it for something important I could take him to work and pick him up.

As I was typing this, my laptop died again. Funny thing is as I was typing this post, in the back of my mind were the thoughts, "I wonder what else God is going to take away?" Guess I got my answer. (Hopefully it will have a second resurrection!) I am on the computer that won't let me upload pictures. Ugh.

I still have plenty for which to be thankful. Praise God we still have our home, our health and full tummies. Praise God for our amazing and supportive families and our faithful friends.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thinking About Candy

Pin It Now!

I remember when these tasty butter rum lifesavers used to sit on the shelves at the check out lanes. What happened to them? I want some.

And Bonkers? Anybody remember those? Strawberry and grape were my favorite. The old soda fountain drug store on the Collierville Town Square used to carry them. I want some of those, too.

I am ready for M&Ms to bring back the TAN, even if it would just be for a little while. I must be getting old if I can remember eating the bags of M&Ms without the blues.

Anyone else missing candy?


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