Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Then and Now

Pin It Now! Then: May 10, 1997

Now: May 10, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lugnuts Party

Pin It Now! Here is my first attempt at making fondant--not too bad.
It is a headache to make, though! Oh, the things we parents put ourselves through for our kids.

The kids can't wait to eat it!

The Lugnuts had their party at Pizza Hut today.

Mullin and Coach Carlino. He really was a great coach, and we are hoping Mullin will be on his team again next year.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ten Years Ago Today

Pin It Now! Ten years ago today I was all dressed up in my wedding dress about to enter the Bellevue chapel and walk down the isle. I was all smiles as Mark sang a song he wrote for me. Shortly after the ceremony we headed off to Jerry's for some delicious sno cones. Later we were off to the valley of Georgetown, Colorado for our week long honeymoon. Seems like yesterday and ages ago.

If you had asked me then what I'd be doing for my 10th anniversary, I would have said something like,"Ooooh, maybe going someplace exotic and relaxing, maybe some touristy place overseas, maybe Disney World (I have never been), I don't know something really exciting."

But, as we all know, life happens, and instead we are paying for root canals, braces, a new house, and have 3 little, wonderful rug rats to keep up with. It's really okay, though. I'd rather have what I have than freedom, time, and $ to go on vacation. Our time will come when we can celebrate really big someday. I just hope I am not using a walker to get around then!

Trap Jaw

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Mullin has braces!! They're just on the bottom for now. He isn't that thrilled about having them, but when I was his age I had to have 7 teeth, with the roots fully intact, pulled. Having braces will just gently move some teeth out of the way so his permanents can come in. No chewing gum for a whole year!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shiloh Finally Likes Her Veggies!

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Veggie Tales that is!

We have been having loads of fun at bigidea.com. Games, stories, and coloring pages have kept Shiloh entertained off and on throughout our long days at home.

I have entered to win a free DVD now for about 3 weeks, but no luck yet. The Veggie People are having a drawing everyday, and I am hoping with all my heart to win another Veggie Tales episode. We have only 2 Veggie Tales DVDs, and she watches them over and over again, especially The Lord of the Beans! I used to love watching it, too, but now it is driving me mad! We have checked out a few from the Library, but they are usually already gone.

If anyone wants to try to win one for Sweet Sue, all you have to do is daily enter your email address on their website for a chance to win!!

Well, Shiloh is tired of me blogging and wants to "play Tales", so I better go.....


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