Friday, October 24, 2008

Dealing With a Peanut Allergy

Pin It Now! On Thursdays, Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer, hosts a series called "What I'd Like For You to Know", and today's guest blogger is discussing what it is like for her family to deal with the seriousness of her child's peanut allergy.

Oh, how I can relate to her!!! She has taken the words right out of my mouth concerning this issue. It truly is a scary thing to have to deal with this particular allergy on a daily basis. I like the fact that the guest blogger cleared up the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities.

I encourage anyone who knows our dear son, Lincoln, to read this post!!

**And just a gentle reminder to any family and friends---I promise I don't keep asking about nuts to offend anyone. I do it b/c I love my son and know the seriousness of his particular allergy. Please continue to be patient as I will never stop asking about peanuts!!! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picnic in the Forest

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October rolled around and Fall Fever set in again. Since AZ still looks deserty, We wanted to see trees giving up their green, revealing their hidden, fiery colors. We planned another day trip to Pine, AZ, just a couple of hours away.
Well, there were some leaves changing, but not as many as last year. We couldn't find "our spot", and don't know if it that was due to the controlled fires going on or to the leaves not being fully changed yet. That was frustrating, and since the kids were hungry and ready to stop for a picnic, we just had to settle on a new place.
The weather was beautiful and much cooler than the desert. The smell of pines is still lingering. It was a nice day.
Shiloh seems to be a natural outdoors kind of girl. I know this makes Daddy happy! She has no fear and tried to keep up with the boys the best she could.

Sixth Folder, Sixth Picture

Pin It Now! This is in response to Vicki tagging me. :)

Wow, this was from way back--June 2003. Mullin and Lincoln hanging out together, covering themselves with a new Thomas beach towel. Thomas is long gone, now. They have both moved on to Star Wars.

Arizona Science Center Trip

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My sweet sister gave me free tickets to the Arizona Science Center which included entrance to the amazingly cool Narnia exhibit. I was very disappointed that no picture taking was allowed. I loved looking at all of the costumes, and I wish I could have tried on the White Witch's icicle crown.

After walking through Narnia, our kids had a great time exploring the rest of the center. My kids were thrilled to have a field trip day, since they were not on Fall Break as my sister's kids were.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy "Get Your Braces Off" Day

Pin It Now! Since Mullin only had to have braces on his bottom teeth (for now), the braces really weren't that noticeable. A year and a half ago we were alerted by our dentist that Mullin had a permanent tooth that was "stuck" and would need help in order to come in properly. One permanent tooth had pushed out 2 baby teeth, so there just wasn't room in his mouth for another tooth. I had heard these words before about 25 years ago. Brings back lots of memories for me. The solution for overcrowding back then was to just pull teeth--I had 7 baby teeth pulled, roots still intact. I still have them in my little tooth pillow!!

And here he is without the braces! Just look at those pretty, straight teeth! Even though the price tag made us wince at first, we knew it had to be done. I hate to even think about it, but those braces cost more than my engagement ring, wedding dress and wedding photos put together!

Dr. Larrabee was the coolest orthodontist ever!! He and his staff were very professional and friendly. His patients can earn "Larrabee Loot" based on performance, teeth cleanliness, report cards, and wearing the Dr. Larrabee t-shirt, and the loot can be turned in for all kinds of prizes. All in all, I think Mullin earned like 3 $15.00 Target gift cards and a few $10.00 Starbucks gift cards. The office made having braces as fun as possible. My other two would get a little jealous over Mullin earning prizes and stuff. Dr. Larrabee surprised Mullin with a "going away present" which was a tub of popcorn, a Dr. Pepper, a free movie pass and lots of candy!! It was filled with all of the foods that cannot be eaten when one wears braces.

Mullin couldn't wait to taste popcorn again, and yes, that was the very first forbidden food with which he stuffed his face! Later that evening we all went to Fuzziwigs, a candy store, to celebrate Mullin getting his braces off. He really was a great patient and didn't complain too much about all of the tasty treats he couldn't eat. And boy am I glad that I won't have to cut up his apples and carrots into tiny little pieces anymore! :)

Congratulations Mullin for a job well done!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Sistine Table: Paint Like Michelangelo

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Well, I am updating this post to include my daughter. We've finally made it back to the third history book in the Mystery of History series.  As I am typing, it is now September 20, 2013 - 5 years since my original post of my boys painting like Michelangelo.

This is definitely a memorable art project, so if you and your kids are studying Renaissance artists, I highly recommend this very simple, and not-too-messy art project!

*Just tape a piece of paper to the underside of your kitchen table, and let your kids paint a masterpiece. :)

Shiloh is 8 in this photo, and 5 years ago, Mullin was 9, and Lincoln was 6. My how the time flies!

We have been studying artists of the Renaissance, so for a Friday project the boys painted on the "ceiling" which obviously, was the underside of our kitchen table.

Lincoln tried to paint people since that is what Michelangelo preferred to paint, when he did paint. Michelangelo didn't even like painting--said it was for women.

I think the boys might be subluxated now from straining their necks. Anyone know any chiropractors?? I just can't imagine the neck pain that Michelangelo must have suffered!

Mystery of History is by far my favorite history curriculum for homeschooling. :) I've used all three volumes. If you are looking for a chronological, classical history curriculum, this is a great one!

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