Sunday, February 26, 2006

Satan in my Sandbox

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I just love kids' logic. Last week we were studying wisdom during our morning Bible study, and of course, the parable of the wise man and foolish man came up. I explained that we needed to be like the wise man and build our house on The Rock, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. And Mullin thoughtfully added, "Yeah, and if we don't then we will be building it on Satan!"
A few seconds later Lincoln pipes up (with one of his classic Lincoln expressions), "Huuuuh, Satan's in my sandbox?" I tried my best to explain the real meaning of that parable to a 4 year old. Not sure if I succeeded. Wonder if he will play in it this summer?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Question of the Week #1

Pin It Now! I am the sort of person that loves to fill out surveys--anything that lets me share my opinion!! So, I thought I would start a little Q and A on my blog. I will love reading everyone's answers! I will start with an easy one...

Q: What is your favorite candy bar?

A: I don't think I ever have just one favorite. I love Almond Joys, Almond Snickers(not the ones with peanuts, although I will eat those, too), and 3 Muskateers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Longbottom Leaf

Pin It Now! This morning during our homeschool history project, we were pretending to be Hippocrates making an herbal remedy. I gave each of the boys their very own pretend mortar and pestle, and while they were crushing their herbs (bay leaves) Mullin closed his eyes, took a big whiff, and said, "Ahhhhh, Longbottom Leaf!" I died laughing!

It is a good thing The Shire is a long way off from here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ahhh! The Smell of Bleach

Pin It Now! In today's modern world of chemical chaos we (or at least I did) tend to think of the word CLEAN when inhaling the noxious, overpowering scents of Bleach, Pine-Sol, Endust, Ajax, and the list goes on and on. Now, that I have been using more natural products, I can barely go down the cleaning isle in the store without holding my breath!

I have been experimenting with more natural cleaning alternatives for quite some time now, but still haven't mastered the art of getting rid of mold that way. Unfortunately, I still have to resort to the other stuff=(. When I don't have time to prepare my own concoctions from scratch, which has been alot lately, I use Seventh Generation. So far I like it. Go there now to print coupons!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The World's Youngest Blogger!

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I can't believe my little boy, miniragamuffinwriter has his own blog! He is so proud of his very first post.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Veggie Tales

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About 2 months ago I started my baby girl on solids. After a few weeks of letting her get used to rice cereal, I decided to progress on to veggies, which is what I did with both of my boys. Turns out that my little princess has a very particular palette. After a couple of weeks of trying to get her to eat vegetables, I finally decided to give in and try fruit thinking she would definitely like that. Even I like babyfood fruit!! But to my dismay, she hated that, too! She would see the jar coming and just turn her head in disgust. She has definitely been my most difficult child in more ways than one! Because she is such a picky eater, I started singing a little song to her every time I tried to get her to eat. Now, it has become her very own theme song and everyone in the house sings it whether she is eating or not. She knows it is her song because she smiles and starts dancing when we sing it. It is just a little chant that goes... "Honey bun, Stinker bun, Cinna-bun toot, Why don't ya eat your veggies and fruit?" Since then we have added all kinds of silly lyrics. Anyway, I am happy to report that as of this week she is starting to eat a little bit better!

Friday, February 17, 2006

My Beautiful Family

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the cutest little girl in the whole wide world

I think our quiver is full now!

the 2 most handsome little boys ever

I've Been Blogged!

Pin It Now! I can now officially call myself a Blogger, thanks to my husband, ragamuffinwriter! He had to help me, of course. I have the computer skills of an amoeba. For me, trying to understand computer stuff is like trying to understand why Bell South wants to call me EVERYDAY thanking me for being such a wonderful customer and then offering the same long distance package that I have already said "NO" to a million times!

When I first heard about all this Blog Bologna, I swore I would never have one. I thought it a complete waste of time, but then I realized that I do have ALOT that I would love to say if only I had an audience that consisted of more than just a 6, 4, and 8 month old. I think I am becoming one of those freaky moms who shop at Wal-Mart early on Saturday mornings and while standing in the check-out line, long to make eye contact with the cheerful cashier in hopes of exchanging small talk with another adult!! Hopefully by blogging I can keep my sanity. So, to all my family and friends, encourage me every once and a while with a comment or 2.


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