Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drama Queen

Pin It Now! Harding Academy Invitational Speech Tournament 1991

Poetry 3rd Place

This was the only trophy I had left in my closet from my childhood, so I took a picture of me with it right before I threw it into the trash can.

It was taking up space. And I don't need it. Plus I must live up to my non-hoarding standards.

Why I still had it, I do not know. Maybe it served as a reminder of a scratch in time I can scarcely remember. For some reason, this season of my life is a bit cloudy. (Um, and it's not b/c of mind altering substances or anything.) It really doesn't seem like I could have ever recited poetry and won awards for it. What a complete DORK!I feel like Anne of Green Gables or something!

I laugh thinking about how SILLY I must've looked!! I was somewhat and maybe still am a MILD drama queen, so I guess it served as an outlet? Who knows?

Winning poetry competitions didn't land me any acting jobs or anything, but it sure did prepare me for the job of "Mom." Little did I know that you had to read thousands of books to wee ones! I try to make them fun by using lots of different voices and such. There's nothing worse than listening to someone read a book in a dreary, monotone voice!!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Love It and It's From Wal-Mart

Pin It Now! I have never been a fan of Wal-mart.

As a kid, I was embarrassed to be there, and as an adult, I am just plain put out when I'm there.

It's crowded and noisy--2 things I despise with all of my being. Plus, not everything is super cheap!

Well, a couple of months ago when I ran in for something, my eyes spotted such a cheery, springy, plastic plate set that I just had to stop and look.

Never in a trillion years did I ever think I'd buy a plate set from Wal-mart, but I saved up my birthday money and bought one.

And I like it!! (even if I do have to wash it all by hand)

Now I just need to get my better half to paint our horribly blah cabinets white!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

He Wore a Tie for the Occasion

Pin It Now! Wow, he rarely ever wears a tie, but for St. Patty's Day, formal is the way he celebrates!

I, on the other hand, celebrate with cupcakes. :)

To each his own.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soggy, Snotty, Red-Eyed Mess

Pin It Now! I hate crying in front of people, even my kids.

I absolutely despise this character trait in me. My mom says my grandma was the very same way. So can I blame it on genetics? :) Well, whatever the reason, I have never been a fan of publicly displaying my emotions, especially sadness and those involving tears. I'll let myself get what I call a "cry headache" before I'll let a tear escape!

The other day, I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I was so wishing that I had a lap-top so I could cry in the privacy of my own room. But, as it was, I sat in our doorless front room, where we keep the computer, while the kids watched TV in the family room.

And I just had to click on Kristen's Kenya posts. (We are THAT Family)

I knew she'd been to Africa through Compassion International, and I wanted to catch up since I hadn't had time to read her blog in a couple of days.

Oh boy!

I was fine during the first few minutes, but as I kept reading, I could feel the compression of my heart, the inner stirring of emotions. My heart ached. A lump formed in my throat.
My emotions wanted OUT! I should have just stopped reading and looking at the pictures, but I couldn't. I was riveted.

And then came the video. With my tears still firmly locked in place, I decided it was safe to click "PLAY".

Oh my!

About half way through, my body just couldn't contain the swelling volcano of emotions. I kept trying to, though. I think a tear slipped out and maybe a few muffled mouse squeaks. My kids still had no idea I was in such emotional turmoil.

But then it happened. I heard Lincoln get up and start to walk my way, so I ever so slightly turned my face. (By now more tears are spilling down my cheeks.) I am thinking, "Great, he's gonna see me like this!" ( I know--so stupid of me to think that or even care for that matter!)

I can't even remember what question he asked me, but when he saw my face, he was like, "Whoa, are you okay, mommy?" I couldn't even answer, cuz I was about to EXPLODE. I just buried my eyes into my sleeves for a sec. in hope of regaining some sense of composure. Even then, I just sorta had to shake my head "yes" and wave him away for the time being. (Don't worry, I explained later why I'd been so upset.)

Shortly after this confrontation with my son, it was rest time, thankfully! I went up to my room and cried. You would've thought I had a slug for a pet by the looks of my long, black sleeves!!

Deep down in my heart, I made a wish the size of a mustard seed. I hope and pray it blossoms into something beautiful . . .

If you'd like to read all about Kristen's real-life experience in Kenya and learn more about the amazing organization, Compassion International, you've got to read her posts!!

Day 1

Day 2 (alright, this has just got to stop--I'm gettin' all teary-eyed revisiting these posts to provide links!)

Day 3

Day 4 If you can make it through the video without being touched in the slightest way, then you are one tough cookie!

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Kristen has also written other posts about her experience, so just visit her entire blog! She's a really neat gal!!!

WFMW: Wild Indian Cherry Bark

Pin It Now!

I've tried a few different kinds of natural cough remedies in my 10 years of mothering, but so far, this is the best one I have found!

Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup

It's been a medicine cabinet staple for years now. It tastes horrible, but it really does seem to work for my kiddos.

I like the fact that it's made with herbs, and I can administer the syrup every 2 hours if needed. I buy it at Sprouts for under $10 for a 4 fl. oz. bottle.

* Honey is a listed ingredient, so it's not for children under one.

I also like to compliment the Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup with herbal cough/throat drops and eucalyptus essential oil (not orally).

For super bad coughs, I will rub Vicks on my kids' chests at night to ease symptoms and hope for a decent night's rest.

For more WFMW tips, visit We are THAT Family.

*Affiliate link included

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"You Never Play With Me!"

Pin It Now! I just love it when one of my kids complains that I NEVER do something. And it is ALWAYS referring to something that I usually do but just not right at that particular moment.

Their moment to be more precise.

Anyway, Shiloh said this to me the other day. Well honey, here's proof that mommy does indeed play with you . . .

Remember Sweetie, a few Saturdays ago, when you were a bit sad about me adding the castle cake set to the garage sale pile? And remember when I said that I would somehow make a different castle for you. (I had no idea how I was going to pull that off, either!)

Well, my not-so-crafty side was awakened, and I managed to recall some curtains stuffed on a shelf in my closet. Oh, and then there was that ribbon I've had in another closet for years. Okay~maybe some scrapbook paper could magically turn into turrets or something.

I was really starting to get a mental picture of how I could transform the diaper changing table/Barbie house in her room into an enchanted dream castle. A castle she decided was going to be for her ponies.

Just look at how happy you are in that picture after I made and helped you set up your "My Little Pony Dream Castle"!

It may not be the snazziest of castles, but it truly was made for YOU with lots of love!!! So glad you are having so much fun with it. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Aquarium in Denver

Pin It Now! While we were visiting in Colorado, we decided to stay one extra day to visit a local aquarium. Boy am I glad we did! Being able to see such amazingly diverse water creatures up close brought to life everything we've been studying in science this year.

Look at the lips on this guy!! Fish are kind of gross looking to me. And they certainly don't taste good!!

In awe of the beautiful colors under the sea!! Animals resembling plants are cool and creepy at the same time!

All throughout the aquarium you could hear giddy kids screaming, "DORY, DORY!" every single time they'd come across a Blue Tang. Not once did you hear, "Oh, that's a Blue Tang."

To touch and feel the very creatures we've seen only on the pages of our science book was neat. My kids have never been to the beach either to see any of these.

Ooooh, stingrays. They felt sort of velvety/rubbery. It was a bit difficult to pet them since they'd only come up and pause ever so briefly at the surface.

And NO aquarium is complete without this guy, right? I can hear him now, "WELCOME TO BIKINI BOTTOM!" Hahahahahahahaha.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bloggy Backsliding

Pin It Now! Yes, that's right. My blog *yawn* has been overwhelmingly boring as of late.

Not that it's ever been amazingly dynamic or anything.

I had BIG plans (well, not too big) for my blog come 2010.

For starters, I wanted to post consistently and frequently. (Scratch that already) I'd thought of a couple of weekly posts~you know like Works for Me Wednesday except different. One of those weekly spotlights was going to be SAHM Wise--it's on my nifty, new navigation bar and everything. (Yeah, as you can tell, haven't gotten around to that either.)

ONE of my goals has been achieved, though, but I can't take a lick of credit for it. The acknowledgement of my new blog design is WAY overdue. Thanks to Jen it's autumn all year round at Autumnfawn Lane.

It's kinda neat how we met, too. I met Jen's sister, Amy, (in the pink jacket) in bloggy land b/c she was looking for other home schoolers in our area. Amy and I met, became friends and I joined her home school group.

Jen, Amy's sister, (brown jacket) happened to know a bit about HTML and all that computer stuff, so not having ever met, she offered to change my blog for me. SO SWEET!!!!

Over Christmas, I had the chance to meet Jen in person when she came to visit her sister, Amy. I had a great time getting to know her at The Paradise Bakery. :) Okay, did you get all that? Anyway~thanks again Amy!!!!

Back to my bloggy mess:

I think I was saying something like my blog just ain't what I want it to be!!! So many post plans, so little time. Ahhhhh!

The extra time I had planned for spicing up my blog has been replaced by something else. An unexpected something else. A truly wonderful-opportunity-something else!

As of about 4 months ago, I was invited to become a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and website! It is exciting, challenging and I really do enjoy it. There has been some added stress in my life, I admit. This is the first time since my school days that I have deadlines to meet and papers to write. While I love my new "job" it does take time away from the blog world.

So, that's what I've been up to. Reviewing in my "free" time instead of blogging. Speaking of that, I've got a big one due soon. Better get crackin'!

I hope to get my act somewhat together so I can achieve my bloggy goals, but I will just have to fit it in when I can.

God bless all of you who still read my mindless twaddle!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Pin It Now! While intensely playing X-Box here's what a classic conversation between a bunch of neighborhood boys sounds like:





Dude, dude, dude!


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

WFMW: Sunbutter

Pin It Now! Unfortunately, I have a child who is deathly allergic to peanuts.

The poor thing would always look longingly upon his brother's almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Though not allergic to almonds, the almond butter had a warning with which we are all too familiar: May contain peanuts. *Sigh*

But, his world got a whole lot brighter when my sister asked me if I'd ever heard of Sunbutter?

Sunbutter is made from Sunflower seeds! It looks just like peanut butter and tastes pretty good, too. It's made in a peanut and nut-free facility and is also gluten-free.

This butter is packed with protein, vitamin E and other important vitamins and minerals. And what about FAT? It contains 1/3 less saturated fat than peanut butter!

It's not only a great alternative for kids who have a peanut allergy but also for kids who may go to school and eat lunch in a peanut-free cafeteria. It does taste a bit different than peanut butter, but if you don't tell, they may not even notice. :)

My son with the peanut allergy likes it, and I am so happy that he can now eat one of my very favorite sandwiches from childhood~Sunbutter-Honey & Cheerio sandwiches!! (Well, as a child I ate it with peanut butter, but now I use Sunbutter or almond butter.)

Because Kristen from We Are THAT Family is in Kenya right now, you can visit Rocks in my Dryer for more WFMW tips!


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