Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sweet Scent of Spring

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Apart from the inclement weather and miserable allergies, spring is just wonderful!! I have to force myself to keep my gaze on the road instead of on the amazing Azaleas, dazzling Dogwoods, twirling tulips, dancing daffodils, and all of the other beautiful, colorful trees and flowers while driving. This is the season that makes me believe Memphis isn't so bad after all. Watching the earth come alive again lifts my spirits, and that is a very good thing for someone who is prone to sinking into the depths of despair!


T-Bone said...

hahaha i saw this the other day, but didnt really take the time to read it. im not sure why but i thought i was on marks page.i guess the pink background should have been my first clue??? but i remember thinking..why is mark blogging about flowers????

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like flowers. I plant flowers. I tend to my flowers. I wish I had my own set of matching garden clogs, gloves and tools. I'm a renaissance man.


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