Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Delicious Middle Eastern Dish

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A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Falafel at Kabob International while on a date with my husband. My tastebuds were pleasantly surprised, and I was even more surprised that Mark liked it since it is a meatless dish made with chickpeas.

Anyway, I spotted a box of Falafel mix while shopping in the organic section at Kroger, and decided to try it. It was really very good, in fact we are eating it for leftovers tonight! Here is a warning, though, for anyone who wants to try it: Don't make the Sesame Tahini sauce recipe on the back of the box. It was gross and tasted nothing like the sauce at the restaurant. We substituted with Ranch dressing.

A very special thanks goes to Brandon for broadening our horizons!

If anyone does try Falafel, let me know what you think!


Brandon said...

Aha! My work here is done...

Yeah, I found some falafel mix at Wal Mart, which is why I now have a lovely little oil-burn mark on my thumb. And that's how I learned deep frying things in a deep fryer and filling up a skillet with oil and dunking things in there does NOT work the same.

T-Bone said...

no it doesnt. work the same! that's how you catch your house on fire =) trust me, I know these things.l


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