Thursday, August 31, 2006

So It Begins...

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...our sojourn out west where dirt, rock, and cactus abound!

The last time I plunged headfirst into such a DEEP pool of faith was 9 years ago on my wedding day!!

We have very little insight as to what God has planned for us out in the desert, but I am hoping it doesn't involve wandering in it for 40 years!

I am just as excited as I am sad. Going on an adventure like this goes totally against my nature. I usually HATE the unknown, but I know that this is something we are supposed to do. I am eager to see God work here!


HONEY said...

Go for it!!! Embrace the adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

HIS hand is already very evident in this journey. I wouldn't want to journey anywhere without HIM. You are a very good writer. 40 years in the desert, very funny! Just bring your long johns, it actually gets cold here too! Mom


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