Sunday, September 17, 2006

12 Days Left in Tennessee

Pin It Now! Seems like yesterday that my family and I arrived here. It was December of '85, and I was a very shy little 4th grader. I was devastated about leaving the only home I had ever known and loved. To make matters worse, on the first day in my new classroom I was greeted by a very tall and rather large African American woman who was not pleased at having a new student and didn't mind one bit making it known. Everyone said I talked funny. (Imagine that, bumpkins telling me that I talked weird!) I was friendless and miserable. I cried every night for at least a month. Things did get better for me, though, once the teacher realized that I was a quiet, obedient, honor student. By the end of the year she loved me and I loved her. Well, the rest is history, and now after 21 years I am moving back to the the very place I was born. (And I have a feeling people are going to tell me that I talk funny.)

I think I am too busy to be overly sad right now. Doesn't seem possible to tie up all the loose ends in just 12 days. I am tired, no, exhausted.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet little daughter of mine. I remember that so well, also. How hard that move was with no friends or family in Memphis to greet us. And now you have family in both places, and you're own children will be experiencing what you did. We will be waiting with open hearts and arms!! Mom


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