Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Sense of Normalcy

Pin It Now! First day back to school after 2 long and crazy weeks! I would be able to say it was a great day if Shiloh hadn't cried and hung on me so much. It makes teaching much less enjoyable than I would like for it to be. Took a walk in the neighborhood with my kids--pleasant weather, but still too hot for October. The skies have been beautiful, and it has actually rained here a couple of times since we have been here.

I hope Mark is having a good first day at a new job.

Went house hunting this past weekend. It is hard for me to be excited when I still can't seem to catch my breath over the cost of homes out here! In my opinion it is just ridiculous! Looks like we will have to look into the foreclosures so we can benefit from someone else's misfortune. Sad but true.

Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. Mistake. Nightmares all night long. I was thankful that my clock read 3:08 instead of 3:00 when I awoke from one of my nightmares this morning.

I am ready to be able to post pictures. Blogs are boring without them!!!!!


not up to code said...

The previews for that movie had me too chicken to watch it. I’m just sensitive like that – no one believes I have a sensitive side!

It seems to take a full year to settle in to a new city. I get so frustrated trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B just to do simple things like the grocery or post office. The governmental offices are the worst. Every city, county, and state has its own unique process for doing stuff like tags for the car. Be prepared to run in circles.

I bet the kids adjust long before Mom and Dad!

Anonymous said...

I liked that movie. Especially when all the exorcism was going down. Super Intense!

HONEY said...

"Code" person is correct - studies show that it takes anywhere from 1-3 years before you really feel "at home" in a new city. They say the adjustment time varies depending on how long you lived in the previous city. But the good news is that others have done it, survived to tell about it & even grown to love their new home more than the previous one! :-) Fortunately, you have a wonderful extended family there to help you through the adjustment period. That's priceless! :-) And when the Ragamuffinwriter gets his big book contract, the housing prices won't be such a big deal! Ha! :-)

Brandi said...

I knew it was based on a true story, but I had no idea it was a boy or what any of the other circumstances were. Right after the movie, I didn't really want to research it any further. That kind of stuff is just so freaky to me!!! So where did you find out about it?

not up to code said...

don't ya just love wikipedia

i think the story speaks to the dangers of the psychotropic drugs so prevelant in out society.


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