Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally a new post...

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My brother's twins are doing great!! Still not as big as Shiloh was when she was born, though! Kenneth is the orange and Ryan is blue. Shiloh kept wanting to hug the babies on Thanksgiving and give them their passys.

Mullin and Lincoln were so glad to finally see their cousins! Between my sister's kids being sick and my kids being sick we haven't really seen much of each other. Shiloh was completely outnumbered but didn't really care. She was right in the middle of their battles!

My little movie star here all decked out in her cool new boots. I thought she was adorable, but sadly those cute little boots gave her the most terrible blister on the back of her heel. She couldn't even wear shoes for about a week.

**I have been trying to post pictures from Flagstaff for the past 2 nights on Mark's laptop, but weird stuff keeps happening. Last night when I retrieved my draft, it had somehow been translated into perfect Spanish. Anyway, stay tuned for the Flagstaff pics...

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