Friday, December 15, 2006

Mullin's First Hunt

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Grandpa D. took Mullin dove hunting this week. Of course Mullin wasn't able to shoot, but he had a blast retrieving the birds and picking up shells.

Looking at the dead birds in the front yard was pretty gross. I don't think I could be a hunter myself, but I sure have enjoyed eating Darrell's Elk meat that is stocked in the freezer. I love to cook it--there is hardly any fat, no hormones or antibiotics, and it just tastes so good! When we move out, I guess it will be back to good ole' ground beef. :(

1 comment:

not up to code said...

It's about time to put a brick on that boy's head, don't ya think?

All those birds look really yummy! How will you prepare them?


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