Friday, March 07, 2008

My Child's Best Interest?

Pin It Now! Since I can't get the photos of my new nephew to load, I guess I will take this opportunity to step up onto my soapbox.

Last week my pastor briefly mentioned something about a California judge and home schooling. Of course, my ears perked right up. Then last night at my brother's house I heard about it once again on the local news. I would be lying if I denied that my heart was beginning to beat just a little faster and that my nose was flaring just a bit.

Before I officially whip the soapbox out and turn on my Stella voice, (you know, the skunk from Over the Hedge) I will clarify that I thankfully don't reside in California, but this could happen anywhere.

Okay, so a judge in California thinks that I need to be a "certified" teacher to be able to home school my children. Does this mean I get a real paycheck every week, too??

He also says it is in my child's best interest to attend a public school.

Ya know, last time I checked I didn't spend 27 months of my life pregnant, spend a day in drug-free, all natural labor, spend 4 years suffering from clogged ducts while sacrificing my time and body to feed my babies just to casually and blindly hand my kids over to the government.

Last time I checked, and my DNA would prove it, I am the MOMMA!!! And I take my God-given right to be a parent very seriously. Thanks, but no thanks, I don't need the government to tell me what is best for my children. If I do need advice, I will choose from whom I receive it.

It takes more than a certificate to be a good teacher.

How many teachers love their students so much that it hurts? How many teachers would die for their students? I am sure there are some, but I guarantee that I care more about my kids than they ever could. Parents should have a right to educate their own children at home.

While I have had many outstanding teachers that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life, I have had some pretty lousy ones as well. Teachers that had certificates. Teachers that were getting a paycheck. I remember my 9th grade algebra teacher. She spoke more about her personal problems and psychiatric drugs she was taking than math. The whole class suffered, but her solution to the problem was to just grade on a curve. By my grades one would have thought that I had mastered algebra 1, but the rest of my high school math life was screwed up, I believe, b/c of that teacher.

Had another teacher. My World History teacher in maybe 10th grade--can't remember. She had a certificate to teach. And her amazing methods involved students copying millions of vocabulary words and then having a test. In my humble opinion a chimpanzee could have done better than that. I can tell you I have already put forth way more effort than that in teaching my children history.

I have researched and studied my tail off to provide my kids with a super education. Government validation should not be required for parents to teach their own kids. Good grief, we are living in a country where parents can choose to kill their children with the silent weapon of abortion. I should be able to teach the ones I have chosen to bring into this world without the threat of government intervention. Crazy isn't it?

Go here to read about the real story and also to sign a petition.


Carrie said...

Well written my friend!

A Captured Reflection said...

It sounds like you do a fab job too! Homeschooling was not something I'd heard of until recent years, growing up in the UK we all went to Public School end of. Then when I moved here to New Zealand I started to hear of a few folk homeschooling and many folk in the States who do. We started our son in the Public School system but after 1 Term knew this wasn't right for us or him. We considered homeschooling, but were led to a lovely small Private Christian School which we are so blessed to have near us and be able to attend. I am so hearing what you are saying. There is a real battle raging for parents over their children and the government. We have this same issue jumping up here. Last year for instance a bill was passed that spanking children is now illegal and a crime, so it's a no go area.

Your children are gorgeous. Great post!

Karen said...

Hey Autumn,

You left me a comment asking about Smorty some time ago, and I didn't want you to think I forgot about you, but everyone has been sick around here for months and I haven't had a moment to answer you. I am planning a post on Smorty tomorrow at my new blog about making money on the internet,, so hopefully that will help you. Please feel free to email me though if you have any questions I don't address in the post, and I promise it won't take me so long to reply next time:) Have a great weekend.


Terri said...

You're so right. Some people shouldn't be teachers and they are allowed to continue. Teacher tenure - it drives me crazy.

not up to code said...

Wow! That got you fired up. Watch out for all that "takes a village" crap.

Happy Birthday! I figured I would leave you a greeting here instead of your husband's blog.

Anonymous said...

This is my wife.

Do NOT cross her.

AJ said...

Crazy, it definitely is!!! I'm not "anti-government" but they need to know that their place is not to tell people how to raise their kids, ESPECIALLY the ones who are doing a great job at raising their kids! One huge problem is that so many parents choose NOT to raise their kids and "let" the government do it for them, paying for their food, housing, education and everything else, while also taking on all of the discipline problems (public schools) and then criminal problems because parents are abdicating their responsibilities. Our society is in real trouble and people need to wake up and do something about it.

HONEY said...

"Takes a village" my hind tell 'em girl!

California has gotten so weird I don't even want to visit there anymore.


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