Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picnic in the Forest

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October rolled around and Fall Fever set in again. Since AZ still looks deserty, We wanted to see trees giving up their green, revealing their hidden, fiery colors. We planned another day trip to Pine, AZ, just a couple of hours away.
Well, there were some leaves changing, but not as many as last year. We couldn't find "our spot", and don't know if it that was due to the controlled fires going on or to the leaves not being fully changed yet. That was frustrating, and since the kids were hungry and ready to stop for a picnic, we just had to settle on a new place.
The weather was beautiful and much cooler than the desert. The smell of pines is still lingering. It was a nice day.
Shiloh seems to be a natural outdoors kind of girl. I know this makes Daddy happy! She has no fear and tried to keep up with the boys the best she could.

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HONEY said...

Ah, the great outdoors...there's nothing quite like it! :-) Looks like a very fun family outing!


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