Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Losing the Battle

Pin It Now! I think I may be losing a long, well-fought battle sooner rather than later. It's 4 against 1, and I think my thickly built wall may have just been breached.

My "weapons" (excuses) cannot hold out much longer. Weapon, I mean excuse #1, doesn't quite work anymore. My kids are no longer little requiring constant attention and training, which would drain every last drop of energy right out of me. So, excuse #1-- no energy from babies and toddlers just doesn't cut it anymore.

Excuse #2--Soon, I may not be able to wield my being-dirt-poor-can't-afford-it sword.

Excuse #3--The fact that I don't like messes will always remain a true and reliable defense, but how much damage can I really do with only one arrow left in my quiver?

And I think my family is mistaking my research, planning and preparation for enthusiasm.

So, are you dying to know what I am researching? Dogs. Yes, dogs. I know, most have heard me say the best kind of dog is no dog, but the 4 humans that share a home with me don't agree, especially the smallest human.

If it's really going to happen, and if I really must wave my white flag of surrender, well, it's going to be done right. And by right I mean my way. :)

Of course I am exaggerating a little, but seriously, I want to be completely prepared so it can be a good experience for all of us. That means lots of Caesar Milan DVDs, books from the library, and whatever else I can get my hands on!!!!

Oh, and I think I have already picked out the me perfect breed (my family agrees). Anyone want to take a wild guess which particular breed we are reading up on? Here's a photo of a darling puppy as a hint!

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signingcharity said...

Very cleverly written. Enjoy your coming project.


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