Monday, March 28, 2011

Shiloh's First Lost Tooth

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I just can't believe my baby has lost a tooth already! She's growing up so fast and what a delight this child is! Still mommy's cuddle bug in evenings and mornings but also a sweet and sassy shopping buddy!
Sporting a cute outfit from a recent just-us-girls shopping trip. It is the ONLY outfit I have bought for her all year. Justice was having a store-wide 40% sale, so we went. Hated that I had to put sparkly flip-flops and matching headbands back. :( Oh well, the $2.50 flip-flops from Target work fine, and maybe I can go back and get the headbands to stick in her Easter basket. Love my girl!!!!!


The Lenzers said...

I admit, I am not looking forward to the tooth thing! I have lots of info to share with you on DL! I will FB you

Bianca said...

Aw, adorable! Good for her to lose her first tooth! It's pretty exciting for kids, with the coming of permanent teeth and whatnot. Now, it's time to welcome those new teeth by making sure the gums are healthy.

-Bianca Jackson


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