Thursday, October 13, 2011


Pin It Now! Squeal!  Too excited about going on vacation with my family.  It was time!  How do you choose from hundreds of pics?  Here is just a sampling of our wonderful getaway from the real world.

Oh, it was such a great feeling to have finally made it to this point! 

Love Aurora's castle! And it was so lovely having random people offer to take pictures.  Friendliness does still exist in pockets.  Well, at least in fantasy land.
Starting with a classic.  (For the boys, it was just an opportunity to hurry up and get it out of the way!)  At Daddy's and Shiloh's request, we actually ended our adventure with this ride, too.
Yes, about to be brainwashed by children singing the same song over and over again . . .
Yuck -rain!  Hoping for a little shelter on the monorail.  Ew, my hair's starting to get curly, too. :(
Trying to look on the bright side: at least it's not over 100 degrees, and we got to wear layers ~ yea!

I didn't realize that Disney changed the inside theme of The Haunted Mansion during the holidays.  Neat, but I like the regular way better.
Awww, the Pooh ride.  Can't go to Disneyland without riding this one!
The one ride Daddy can't go on . . . Teacups.  He can't do the spinning round and round and round rides.
Of course the boys LOVED Star Tours!  It was fun for me just because I didn't know what to expect - it was a new one for me!
Ice-cream break!
Waiting to ride Thunder Mountain

I have to admit, I couldn't wait for Pixie Hollow.  So many sweet memories of reading tons of Disney Fairy novels to my own little fairy!!  Mark says I'd make the perfect Vidia - getting to scowl all day long.  ;)
Fawn, the animal talent fairy.  Shiloh would make a great animal talent, if only I'd let her have some pets!
Vidia and Tinkerbell.  What fun to dress up and get your picture made all day long.  I missed my calling.
My very happy girl on Dumbo.  After a long day riding thrill rides that she did NOT like, (we went to California Adventure, too) she was so excited to be here.  Ugh.  We waited WAY too long for this ride!!!  The boys, especially Mullin, weren't too gung ho, but Daddy had gone back to the hotel for jackets.  I wouldn't let them sit out.  For goodness' sakes, Shiloh had to ride all kinds of rides she didn't like!!!  Poor girl.  I LOVED all the roller coasters and such at her age, but she preferred the safe and gentle ones.

Buzz Light Lear was fun.  Guess who had the best shooting score?  Of course, it was the hunter (Mullin) of the family, but I was a close second.

So cool seeing the castle all lit up at night.  Magical indeed.

Favorite Disneyland rides:

Daddy- It's a Small World.  (No, I am not kidding.)

Me- I just don't know.  Liked the anticipation of having not experienced Star Tours and Indiana Jones before.

Mullin and Lincoln- Splash Mountain

Shiloh- following in Daddy's footsteps with It's a Small World.

*For some reason Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't up and running while we were there.  Okay by me, though, not my favorite or anything.

**Another highlight for me was just sitting on Main Street with my big, fat cinnamon roll and hot cocoa taking it all in.  :)

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