Thursday, November 03, 2011

Following in My Footsteps

Pin It Now! Another Metal Mouth in the family!

So, 2 out of 3 kids have inherited my HORRIBLE crooked teeth.  :(  My husband had NO clue when he married me he'd be forking out SO much money on teeth!  Sorry, Babe.

On November 2nd Lincoln entered the wonderful world of wire.  It's CRAZY how much 6 little metal brackets cost.  And this is just the first phase of treatment!
A couple of years ago, big brother endured his first phase of treatment in order to make room for permanent teeth to come in.  At least he didn't have to get 7 permanent teeth pulled like I did in the second grade!  Yikes.

Lincoln joyfully takes out all the hard, sticky Halloween candy he won't be able to eat while wearing braces.  He's being such a great sport about it, but I think he's a little excited about getting because he'd watched Mullin getting the royal treatment at the orthodontist's office.

Dr. Larrabee and staff are amazing.  I have to admit, I am even excited about Lincoln earning Larrabee Loot because Lincoln says he will turn it in for a Starbucks card and treat me to a frappuchino. :D!!!!!!  How sweet is that?!

Since November is "being thankful month" I will end with a few things I am thankful for regarding teeth.

  • I am truly thankful my parents, even though money was tight, let me get braces as a teen.  I am almost certain I would have NEVER gotten married had my teeth remained as they were. 
  • I am thankful my husband has continued to spend money on my teeth and all their imperfections, or I probably wouldn't have any molars left in my mouth.
  • I am thankful that, even though money is tight, God is providing for my kids who need orthodontic care.
  • I am thankful that, so far, none of my children have had to get cavities filled.  I think I'd already had about 10 by the time I was 12.
  • I am thankful for ThievesBest stuff I have ever used in my mouth!  So glad my teeth aren't as sensitive as they used to be since using it.  Glad it kept a cavity from spreading in Lincoln's mouth, and glad it is helping with his unexplainable tartar issue. 

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