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Stone Fox Study Questions & Activity Ideas {FREE}

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I recently read Stone Fox and wrote study questions and activity ideas for my fifth grade daughter. I choked up at the ending just like I did when I read it in elementary school so long ago. It really is a great book -- I highly recommend it! (Age range: 7-11)

*For this book, I had my daughter read the whole thing before I gave her the questions. It's only 83 pages, so it didn't take that long. I didn't want her to read through the questions, especially since I didn't do them by chapter this time, and spoil the ending.

*I wrote these questions with my 10-year-old in mind, so you may need to adjust some of them for younger children. My daughter completed all three additional activities, and for #2 she chose to write about Samoyeds which was no surprise to me since she LOVES all things dog! (Scroll down for printable link to study questions.)

Stone Fox Study Questions

1. Describe Little Willy’s grandfather and make sure to include his occupation.

2.  What do you think is wrong with Willy’s grandfather?

3. Who is the protagonist?  By the end of the first chapter, what’s the main thing the protagonist wants? (If you don’t know what a protagonist is, look it up!)

4. In chapter 2, how does the protagonist go about accomplishing what he wants?

5. What is Little Willy’s discovery?

6. Why did Willy think his grandfather was sad about money problems?

7. Little Willy is forced into taking care of himself and his grandfather—what are some of his responsibilities?

8. If you were suddenly on your own, what would some of your responsibilities be, and how would you accomplish them?

9. Describe Searchlight. What is her role in the story?

10. Tell about the stranger who showed up at the farm. Why did he come?

11. After Willy realizes the farm could be taken away, how does he try to find a way to help? Be thorough—retrace Willy’s steps in chapter 5. End your answer with what Willy finally thinks is the way to save the farm.

12. Do people encourage or discourage Willy from entering the race? How so?

13. Write a short paragraph describing Stone Fox.

14. Why do you think Willy lied about his black eye? Do you think he should have told the truth? Why or why not?

15. Do you think everyone in the town showed up at the race to see Willy or Stone Fox? Give reasons to support your answer.

16. The first time you read the book, who did you think would win the race?  Why? Were you surprised by the ending? Why or why not?

17. Why do you think Stone Fox let Willy and Searchlight win the race?

18. Do you think Stone Fox would have let Willy win had Searchlight not collapsed? Explain your answer.

Additional Activities

1. On a separate sheet of paper, write a narrative prompt about one of your grandparents. Be sure to include vivid descriptions about things like looks, job, likes/dislikes, where he or she lives, etc. Also tell about what makes him or her special and what kinds of things you like to do together.

2.  (a) Write a short expository essay on why Little Willy is a character who shows great courage. Use examples from the book. Be creative and make sure to grab the reader with your first sentence! The first sentence should make the reader feel curiosity, humor, wonder, sympathy, mystery, fear, sorrow, anger etc. Suggestions for creating a great first sentence: Use a quote, a rhetorical question, a shocking or mysterious statement, onomatopoeia, an opinion, a scenario type statement starting with the words, Picture this:, etc. Make sure your essay has a beginning, middle, and ending.

     (b) OR research Samoyeds, the dogs Stone Fox owned, and write a short paper about them.

3. Wyoming Project: Use poster board or sturdy construction paper to cut out the shape of Wyoming. Use sticker letters or write neatly the name of the state. On your poster board state, draw or cut out and paste pictures of the state flag, state bird, state flower, state tree, important crops, landmarks, and anything else you can think of. Be sure to label all of your pictures. Mark with a star and label where the capital is. Also include somewhere on your state of Wyoming the state nickname and the year it became a state. Do your best to make your project neat and colorful!

Click on link to download Stone Fox study questions.

Here's my daughter's Wyoming project. It was definitely an easy state to cut out! :)

Hope you enjoy the book, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you  need the book, please consider using my amazon affiliate link -- thanks!

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We just listened to Stone Fox on audio book a few months ago. I wish I'd had your questions then. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup.


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