Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Make Believe

Pin It Now! Why was it that as a child I had such a warped, unrealistic view of what it must be like to be an adult? I actually dreamed that it must be better and more fun than being a child.

As my stress level multiplies due to various reasons at the moment, I long to just be a kid again immersed in the magical world of make believe.

It was so much more fun to pretend to be preparing a meal with my cute little stove and cute mini dishes, to pretend to be a teacher teaching smiley faced Cabbage Patch Kids, to pretend to calm a baby who never made a peep, to pretend to go grocery shopping with my cute, colorful, clean cart and loads of pretend money!!

How I long to sling myself on the couch and actually be able to say (as my kids often do), "Ugh, I am so bored, there is nothing to do!!!"

Well, I guess there are a few amazing things about leaving childhood dollies never told me they loved me and that I was the best mommy in the world. They never hugged me tight and gave me tiny little kisses either.

I could go on and on and on, but it is time for me to feed the baby. And unfortunately I can't just pretend to do it.


Anonymous said...

Your best post yet!

T-Bone said...

you COULD pretend to feed the baby. she'd probably get really mad at you though. and i've seen that baby not happy....not pleasant =)

Brandi said...

why can't I get to your blog from your profile page anymore? It doesn't say anything under your blog name.

T-Bone said...

i'm not sure. i think i may have disabled it. but, you can bookmark my page in your favorites, and then just click on the link =)


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