Monday, August 28, 2006

So Far At Rivendell Elementary...

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We have constructed a glow-in-the-dark Solar System (minus Pluto)

built a volcano while studying The Buried City of Pompeii

We were a bit disappointed that the red food coloring stayed down in the bottle. Oh well, they got the idea of how a volcano works.

We have grown salt crystals while studying The Dead Sea Scrolls

and baked yummy heart-shaped sugar cookies while learning about the martyr, St. Valentine.

So far we have been very busy bees! I am finally in a pretty good routine but still haven't managed to fit in cursive writing yet. So many subjects, so little time! Well, I guess its not more time I need, just less Shiloh!! Just kidding. She is wonderful, but it is quite the challenge to work school around that always-on-the-go girl!


HONEY said...

Want that Volcano to really blow...put a coke inside, drop in a Mentos candy & back up!!! Yes, this really me (Hee Hee!) If you use a 2 will blow REALLY high! Go for's worth a buck to watch the show. The boys will get a laugh for sure!

Brandi said...

Mullin's personal mnemonic phrase was, Mullin's very excited making jumping statues under Nikki's porch. So yeah, I guess he will have to come up with a new one!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're ready for your routine to get a little rattled! I'm impressed with all the stuff you're teaching and the hands on stuff. You weren't much for science projects as I remember. I especially like the baking project. We'll all really enjoy that one!!


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