Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pin It Now! Things I will miss about living here:

*The Collierville Town Square---lots of memories made there!
*Being out and about and seeing people that I know
*Dogwoods and Azaleas---I will miss driving by the house by the old Cordova Library in the spring.
*My husband's family---especially Christmas Day and the BBQ's at Pa's house
*My close friends that I have known for what seems like forever
*Seeing all of the trees fade to amazing hues in autumn
*Bellevue---lots of great memories made there! I met my husband there and so many wonderful friends. It has been my place of worship for 12 years now.
*Lots and lots of green grass
*The architecture
*Hanging out with our friendly neighbors in the evenings
*All of those crazy college kids
*My dad and his wife---the kids love spending time with them!

Things that I will not miss about living here:

*Frizzy hair
*Soggy backyards from fall to spring
*Big, fat, juicy Wolf Spiders---guess I'd rather have the spiders over scorpions, though
*The racial tension that plagues this town
*Wet snow
*Freezing rain

I am sure I could think of 100 more, but I am tired and my brain is getting fuzzy.


Anonymous said...

You have the time to reflect already?! Interesting where life takes us. Sure glad you're coming here!!!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

We miss you all! Hope you're doing well!


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