Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dawning of A New Age Bracket

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Thirty was bad enough, but in just a few days I will have to say thirty one.

I keep telling myself, though, that it is better than being dead!

I am really not that down about it. Life is good. I have noticed a few changes over the last year that are particularly undesirable, though. More spider veins have appeared, more wrinkles, I think my hair is getting thinner-no grays thank goodness, and my teeth are getting yellow. Must be from drinking tea and eating chocolate, because I don't drink coffee!

It is a good thing I have been growing spiritually over the years, at least I think I have anyway, because soon and very soon my insides will have to be so amazing that no one even takes note of the outside!

Well, on a different note, we are getting settled into our home, and we have met a couple of neighbors. The kids have some playmates next door, but they still talk about their neighbor friends back home. The boys have begun t-ball and baseball practice and love it. I think we have found the church we want to become a part of. I am so ready to get involved and make good friends here. We and the boys are looking forward to having a Memphian around for a week! See ya soon, B.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to being there, and yes I think your right 31 is better than being dead.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. Exactly 40 years ago I was the same age as you are approaching.

Enjoy those wonderful years with your young family. They are the best of years.

Honey said...

You've got the right idea, beauty comes from the inside out! One of the most beautiful women I know is silver haired, has some wrinkles & is in her 70's. But when she smiles, the whole room lights up! Keep growing & letting God develop the inner you & you'll become more attractive as the years go by. So have some chocolate cake & embrace those birthdays! =)


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