Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Pin It Now! After quite a LONG break from playing sports, my boys were able to play flag football for the first time this fall. Not ordinarily a sports-on-TV-watcher, I must say I loved watching my boys play football!! VERY exciting.

Both boys have shown such natural talent on the field and have quickly named this their favorite sport. I think I'm seeing more football in our future!

Lincoln's team won the entire tournament (for his age group) a couple of weekends ago. He was soooooo thrilled not only to win, but he made his very first touchdown that day. :) Usually, he is busy intercepting, but having a chance to score was a proud moment!

Congratulations Lincoln!!!

And Mullin, thank you for showing support and encouragement to your brother during your time of loss and defeat. Truly an unselfish act by putting your brother's interests above your own.

I am one proud Mama of both my amazing boys!!!!

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