Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Trees

Pin It Now! I know, three trees sound like a little much . . . but our Memory Tree is just too full. Last year it reached its ornament limit.

I love our Memory Tree. It holds ornaments from old times and new, like the cute little mice ornament my mom gave to me when Mark and I first started dating, the country apples and red and green beads from my tree growing up in Tennessee, the crazy silver garland I let Mullin pick out when he was just a toddler, and my three kids' first Christmas ornaments.

This tree honors all of my kids' fetishes and phases: trains, Star Wars, sports, airplanes, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Tinkerbell, My Little Pony, Harry Potter, and so much more! Ahem, Starbucks and m&ms are very well represented as well. :)

Our beautiful, nostalgic Memory Tree in the process of being decked!

So, here stands our newest tree given to us by my dad. It's just the right size for the tiny corner at the top of our stairs. Doesn't quite have a personality yet . . . but it's getting there. Mostly we hung ornaments from packs my mom has given to us over the years, so it gives it somewhat of a theme-ish touch. Plus, Mark and I added some of our own ornaments that we thought fit ~ kinda classy, yet old-fashioned and homey, maybe? It still lacks a star, but I hope to find one before next year. Needs a few more thematic touches to be just right. I love trees!! Forget knick-knacks!

And of course the Theme Tree, otherwise known as the Main Tree, or my tree. :) Oh, how I love to gaze at it when it's dark and the kids are in bed. The beautiful, white lights all aglow, the shiny, glassy ornaments gleaming and twinkling, the symbolic nature of my color-scheme, the memories of decorating it for the very first time in our very first house while unknowingly pregnant for the first time, the ornaments that have been added over the years, and the matching presents under the tree . . . I love it all ~ even the charming touches my hubby brought to this tree! He picked out the star and the tree skirt. :)

So, to me three trees are the perfect number of trees! (I might change my mind when it's time to take them down.)

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