Monday, July 18, 2011


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Back To School!

 I did have one very eager student this morning.  She even "dressed up" for her first day of First Grade.  Not exactly the kind of outfit I had in mind, but okay. Whatever makes you happy sweet girl!

Last night for a very special and exclusive audience, (me, daddy and brothers) she performed a celebratory dance recital including 3 outfit changes in honor of starting school. 

LOVE her enthusiasm.  :)

 My big Fourth Grader looks super excited, but really he just likes to be goofy

I think he's at least somewhat eager to start science this year since it has nothing to do with ZOOLOGY!  And I splurged and bought the note booking journal that goes along with Apologia Anatomy.  The notebooks are more fun than completing work on plain notebook paper!  He's pretty much on his own for science this year since all three of my kids are reading different science books.  I know he can do it!

Seventh Grade - are you kidding me?  I feel so old having a seventh grader.  I still remember Kindergarten like it was yesterday--waving flags and marching around our little Cordova living room to Wee Sing America.  *Sigh* 

He's already digging in to Apologia General Science.  He's completely responsible for everything, experiments and all.  In fact he did an experiment today all by himself.  So proud.  He's a great student!

I know it seems kind of cruel to be starting school before all of the other kids, as my kids like to point out, but we finished early May before all of the schools around here, as I like to point out! :) 

It's not all that bad since we sort of ease into school.  Our first week is pretty much less than half a load.  That way we can get used to being back to a strict schedule as painlessly as possible.  Believe me, it's just as much for me as it is my kids!!

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