Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elven Dress

Pin It Now! Spontaneousness usually doesn't occur while shopping.  Especially clothes shopping.  And especially when I am just my mom's sidekick for the day.  

Even though I have never been fond of a tight budget, I have always been very good at sticking to it.  So, it has never been a problem for me to accompany my mom or anyone else on their shopping sprees.  I enjoy the time spent with my mom or friends, and when I am with my mom, there is always hope that I just might get a frappuchino. ;)  (Now, I can't even leave the house to spend the day with my mom without my kids and hubby teasing me about this!) 

(And Mom, you know the frapps aren't what keep me coming around, I hope.)

Anyway, this past Saturday I didn't refuse my mom's invitation to help her find something on which to spend her hard-earned Kohl's Cash.  I nearly lost my breath as I was perusing the racks in the women's section looking for a shirt for my mom.  There before me hung the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen.  It looked so elegant--so elvish--I just had to try it on.  For fun, of course.

Magic happened in that dressing room.  I was immediately transformed from an ordinary, frumpy, home school mom into a stunning elven princess!  Well, almost.  I am probably exaggerating just a bit.

Have you ladies ever had a that-dress-was-made-for-me moment?  Well, that's what I thought standing in front of the mirror in the dimly lit dressing room at Kohl's.  (Okay, now I am beginning to wonder if the dim light was affecting my judgement--probably didn't see all the flaws.)

I looked at my mom and told her that I was going to have to seriously consider swiping the credit card for an unplanned purchase--an unplanned 40-dollar-something purchase. I just didn't think I could bear the pain of hanging this emerald gown, made just for me I might add, back on the rack.

I clung to it as we continued to shop for my mom.  I decided to send a text to my hubby to see what kind of response I'd get.  Text sent: "Oooh, just tried on a dress that makes me look like an elven princess. :)"

Minutes pass.  No response.  My mom was done shopping.

Decision time.

I couldn't do it.  I couldn't put it back.

Just as the cashier handed me the bag with my prized dress--oh, it felt so good to have a new dress--my phone alerted me that I had received a text.

Uh, oh.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to make an idiot of myself and return it right then and there.  I figured I wouldn't but . . .

His text:  "Get it"

I was elated.  I know it seems such a small thing about which to be so excited, but it has been quite a while since I bought something to make me feel pretty.  And this dress accomplished that for me!

And for my hubby. 

He liked it on me so much that he got on-line and ordered me another one in a different hue.  I await its arrival and hope the purple one possesses the same magical qualities. :)

The Magic Dress
Now if I could just find some pointy ears and the Evenstar to wear, I'd have the perfect Halloween costume, too!

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