Thursday, November 06, 2014

Harvest Festival in the Middle of a Neighborhood

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If truth be told, I'd love to have a permanent church building to meet in every Sunday. It'd be so convenient on so many levels.

However . . .

Because we don't have a permanent building and meet at a school, we are kind of forced to GO OUT into the community to host a harvest festival. Which is a good thing! ;)

We changed locations this year and had a blast! (We had fun last year, too!) I loved watching all of our amazing youth help out a bunch. So much planning and help goes into just a few hours of festivities. I'm grateful to be working with so many wonderful people who love Jesus!

It was neat being able to tell people who we were and why we were there. Even if we never see any of those people again, hopefully some seeds were planted. Having been a Christian for so long, I forget that so many people need to hear the Good News.

Okay, just a warning that none of the following pics are edited . . . today, "ain't nobody got time for dat!"

(Okay, so I cropped this last pic just so my son and his friend didn't look so tiny.) :)
We all had a super fun, exhausting time and ended up taking a big bowl of leftover candy home that I'm sad to say was scarfed up in just a few days. Yikes.

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