Friday, November 21, 2014

Last Submission ~ Bitter Sweet

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I mentioned in my last post that I'd taken a much needed bloggy break. Why? Because 10 days ago, I posted my last Schoolhouse Crew review. And I just needed a break from writing!

After 5 years of reviewing around 150 products for The Old Schoolhouse, I've decided to call it quits. It's crazy to think that my youngest was only in preschool when I began writing for TOS. It was such a huge blessing to receive so many homeschool products, especially during the time of my husband's job loss.

Anyway, our lives have changed, and as my kids have gotten older, it's been a little more difficult for me to add extra work into their schedules. Not really for my daughter who is only in fourth grade, but for my boys who are in 7th and 10th grades. Plus, after my hubby changed jobs and became a full-time assistant pastor this past September, I sensed that maybe God was going to have me step down from being a full-time reviewer in order to devote all that time to something else. At first I was upset about it, but I now realize it will be for the best.

My family has been truly blessed with such a variety of courses, curricula, books, games, etc.. The experience has been well worth it, even though there were a few products that my kids didn't like. I think I'll have to do a Top 20 post or something like that soon. :) I'm so glad to have been a part of The Old Schoolhouse!

Looking forward to the next phase of life, whatever that may be. Right now, especially during the month of December, I want to immerse myself in the Word and draw near to God, devoting much time to prayer. I pray the Lord will reveal what He has for me in 2015. If not a big picture, then I trust He will be that lamp unto my feet guiding my every step even if I can't see beyond what's right in front of me.

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