Friday, January 09, 2015

Bake Eggs In Muffin Tins ~ It Works!

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I've been wanting to try this method of cooking eggs for a while, especially since milk isn't cooperating much with one of my kids. So, the ever-so-easy cereal and milk breakfast isn't working. #Sigh#

I'm not going to bother with making this post all Pinterest-y, but I did want to share how easy it is to make eggs this way. Forget frying eggs in the skillet!!!

You can visit this post from Frugality Gal to see where I got the super easy directions.

  • Since I don't ever have cooking spray, I used olive oil to grease each muffin tin.
  • I also baked my eggs for 20 minutes instead of 15. I don't like my yolks to be too soft.
  • Right after I pulled the tin out of the oven, I used a regular kitchen knife (not the sharp kind) to go around the edge of each cooked egg, and then I scooped out each egg with a plastic spoon.

I was really nervous about baking eggs this way - I thought I'd probably waste an entire dozen of eggs. But I didn't! I was pleasantly surprised. :) We ate some for lunch, but now my kids can heat the leftover egg muffins for breakfast. Yea!

So perfect and cute. If I ever feel like going the extra mile, I might wrap bacon around them like I've seen in other posts. Today, though, we just had bacon on the side.

I hope yours turn out as well as mine did. Enjoy!

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