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Should You Buy Jewelry from Amazon?

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In light of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share my unfortunate wedding ring story that ended happily ever after due to Amazon! (If you're not into stories, feel free to scroll down to the end of this post and find out my answer to the title's question. Also be sure to click on the links and buy jewelry!)

A few years ago I began experiencing some swelling in my fingers during the night while I slept. I'd never had to take off my rings before going to bed, but a couple of desperate middle-of-the-night attempts to "unstuck" my wedding ring served as a compelling reminder to take my rings off as part of my bedtime routine.

However, one night I forgot.

To make matters worse, my husband happened to be out of town the night I had to choose between keeping my ring or my finger. I awoke in the middle of the night that night with the realization that not only were my fingers super swollen but that my wedding ring was still on one of them.

Pulling with all my might didn't work one bit, so I got up, and through much prayer and tears tried everything I knew to do. Butter. Oil. Lotion. Cold water. Sticking my hand in the freezer. You name it.

After some time had gone by and my finger started turning purple, I became a bit frantic. I debated whether or not I should call 911. I know. Before I completely humiliated myself by dialing for emergency help, I decided to try and cut my ring off. I felt horrible, but I figured it was better than losing my finger.

I found a wire cutter in the garage, and with racing heart and trembling hands, I pressed on those wire cutter handles with all the strength I could muster. It took several agonizing tries, but finally the blades broke through the gold. Pure relief! I praised the Lord that I'd chosen a dainty, thin band all those years ago and that I was only wearing the engagement ring that night.

I felt awful about destroying my husband's symbol of undying love and devotion that he gave to me in the parking lot of Howard's Donuts on a chilly November night in 1996, but it had to be done to save my finger.

Well, we didn't have extra money at the time to just go out and buy a brand new diamond ring, so I went without. I tried to wear a cheap, fake wedding-looking ring from Charming Charlie, but as expected, my acidic skin turned the band a funky color within a week. So that didn't work.

In late 2013, my hubby started looking into ordering quality yet inexpensive rings off of Amazon. He sent me several designs from which to choose, and my favorite was the Zoe R 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia pictured on my finger below. I've worn this ring everyday since January 2014.

First picture: my real gold and diamond engagement ring that I had to cut off of my finger.
Second picture: my new, beautiful sterling silver cubic zirconia ring from Amazon.

It's funny because even though my current ring is considered "fake," I get so many compliments on it. When I tell people what it is, they sometimes don't believe me at first. I love it and couldn't be happier with it. I really don't care that it isn't "real." I love that I don't have to worry about losing or cutting off a super expensive ring. Plus, maybe in the future, I'll even get to order more rings so I can change them out according to my mood or outfit.

(images from Amazon)

Answer: So, my answer to the question, "Should you buy jewelry from Amazon?" is YES! I am a 100% happy and satisfied customer. (The affiliate link to my ring is for a size 8.5, but I ordered my normal size of 4.5, and it fits perfectly. Pay attention to the size you need.)

If you'd rather go all out and get the real thing, by all means do so! I won't complain one bit. ;)

Here are some other sterling silver rings that I think are pretty. And they're inexpensive. :)

Okay, I think I could look at rings all day long, but those above are just a few that I saw that I liked.

While I can't specifically vouch for other jewelry on Amazon, here are some categories you may wish to peruse. Right now, Amazon has a Valentine special going on: take 30% off of eligible jewelry from now until February 7.


Women's rings



Happy shopping! I'd love to know what your favorite rings are, and have you ever bought jewelry from Amazon?

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3XMom said...

have you brought your original ring to a jeweler? fixing the band will probably not be too pricey! Love the "replacement", though!

Brandi said...

I don't know why we didn't consider that route, but I'm glad to have the new ring. :)

james dowdle said...

when ever i wanted to buy jewelry, i checked couple of sites to get an idea on the pricing. however, one thing that stopped me from buying online and visit store and buy instead is - put on me, see myself in mirror how that goes on me, and then buy, because of its price being pretty expensive. though, amazon and other sites do accept returns, i am not comfortable in buying online. the time i spend on online marketplaces, within the same time, i can visit store ad checkout - i did at store near me. 2-3 of my family members have bought jewelry online and they are happy with the overall experience. i think, one can buy because of the trust that amazon and other places do give us. above all, how an individual takes it.


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