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The Fairy's Mistake: Discussion Questions

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The Fairy's Mistake by Gail Carson Levine, the author of the wonderful book, Ella Enchanted, was the second book my daughter and her book club friends read this past summer. It's actually a novella, so it's pretty short - less than 100 pages. It's part of a novella collection, The Princess Tales, but for the book club the girls only read The Fairy's Mistake.

I enjoyed this novella very much! It involves twin sisters, one nice and one not so nice. A fairy "blesses" the nice sister which turns out to be more of a curse, and she "curses" the not-so-nice sister which turns out to be more of a blessing.

You can read through the discussion questions here, and then click on the link to print them if you wish. :) Please note that page numbers may not match up if you read a different version.

Discussion Questions for
The Fairy’s Mistake
By Gail Carson Levine

1.  Think of adjectives to describe the twins, Rosella and Myrtle.

2.  Do you think the mother played a role in Myrtle’s behavior? How so?

3.  What was Rosella’s motive for being kind?

4.  Should good behavior be rewarded? Why or why not?

5.  What should your motive for obedience/kindness be? Read 1 John 5:3. 
Does your answer to this question match up with Scripture?

6.  Why did the fairy’s reward turn out to be more of a curse for Rosella?

7.  What was Myrtle’s motive for wanting to be kind? (p. 9)

8.  How do you know that Rosella wasn’t a greedy person? Give specific examples.

9.  Why did Prince Harold stop to talk to Rosella for the first time? (p. 11)

10. Did the prince really love Rosella like he claimed? What do you think true love should look like? Read 1st Corinthians 13:4-7 for a great example to follow.

11. Why did Rosella agree to marry the prince? Would you have agreed to marry him if you’d been in her shoes?

12. Think of adjectives to describe Prince Harold.

13. Ethelinda was upset that her magic wasn’t working the way it was supposed to. Have you ever said or done anything that you’ve regretted? What were the negative effects of your actions? What should you do when you’ve hurt someone?

14. How was Myrtle able to turn her punishment into more of a reward for herself?

15. Finally, Ethelinda finds a way to help Rosella. What is the plan? Why does Myrtle agree to help? (p.52)

16. Even though the plan worked, do you agree that using deception was the best way to help? Do you have any other ideas that could have helped Rosella?

17. If you were Ethelinda, how would you reward kindness? How would you punish wrongdoing?

18. If you were Rosella, what would you do with all of those jewels?

19. Most fairy tales seem to end “happily ever after.” Why was everyone happy at the end of this fairy tale? Is it really possible to live “happily ever after?”

20. Tell why you did or didn’t like this story.

The Princess Tales, Volume One, is available on Amazon. Thank you for using my affiliate link!

Food Fun

Thanks to help from my sweet friend, Janet, I was able to prepare a fun, fairylicious table full of jewels and nasty little creatures!

We decorated each plate with a rock candy wand. I also made Frosty Fairy Mints at my daughter's request.

A feast fit for Prince Harold.

Rosella's treasure chest full of brightly colored candy jewels. (We used gumballs, sixlets, rock candy, Frozen themed jelly beans, etc.

Sour gummy worms and plastic bugs and such - perfect for Myrtle. 

The girls enjoyed eating jewels and worms. After you read the book, you'll know why I had them pose with their mouths wide open and full of food! ;)

Hope you enjoy the book and free discussion questions. If you missed the first book the girls read for their summer book club, check out Rump: Free Discussion Questions and Activity Ideas.

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Gayl Wright said...

I love reading your ideas and how much fun the girls have in this book club. The party table looks fantastic. I'm sure they enjoyed eating the goodies. What a fun way to read and learn! Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup!

Brandi said...

Thank you, Gayl. It was a lot of fun. :)

Gayl Wright said...

After reading several posts, I chose yours as my favorite of last week, and it will be featured on my blog for the #LMMLinkup this week.

Brandi said...

Thanks so much! 😊


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