Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cookie Moon Phase Project

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In light of publishing my first children's book about the moon, I decided to update our delicious moon phase project made with cookies. I can't believe it's been 4 years since my sweet girl and I had so much fun with astronomy. :) To view original post, click the link. (Picture below is from original post.)

Updated Cookie Moon Phase Project

What I Used:

  • For moons: 8 Oreos or other type of chocolate sandwich cookies with white cream filling
  • For the earth: Sugar cookie that is larger than moon cookies
  • Plate
  • Frosting (I used powdered sugar and milk to make mine)
  • Food coloring
  • butter knife
  • toothpick
  • black construction paper and silver sharpie, optional

What I did:

First, I chose my plate and then cut a circle out of a black piece of construction paper to fit the plate. I wanted the background to look more like the sky in space. I also used a silver sharpie to dot stars all over the paper. You could use a little bit of icing on the plate if you want the construction paper to stick. A black paper plate would work nicely if you have one.

Second, I whipped up a little bit of white frosting with powdered sugar and milk and left it somewhat thin, but not too thin. I colored some of it blue and some of it green, and I also left a little bit white for clouds. You don't need a lot of frosting since you are only using it for one cookie. After frosting the cookie blue, I used a regular butter knife to dab in the land masses. I wasn't trying to be entirely accurate here. ;) I used a toothpick to swipe in some clouds. 

(I used plain, old sugar cookies from Fry's)

(Icing - nothing fancy, just powdered sugar and milk)

Third, I set aside the earth cookie to dry and moved on to the moons. I very carefully took 8 Oreo cookies apart, trying to leave the white filling intact. I had to use more than 8 cookies to accomplish this. ;) For the full moon, leave white filling as is. For the new moon, scrape off all of the white filling with a knife or use the other side of the cookie. For the 2 half moons, scrape off half of the white filling. For the 2 crescent moons, scrape off 3/4 of the white filling, and try to make them look more like bananas. :) For the 2 gibbous moons, scrape off about 1/4 of the white filling, and really, these should have more rounded edges. I sort of forgot that part on my updated version. :(

Fourth, I put the earth in the middle of the plate and placed the 8 moons, in the correct order, around the earth. Use frosting if you want the cookies to stick to the plate. I did this step the first time my daughter and I completed this project. Leave the project out for a few days to enjoy looking at it, or EAT IT instead!!! Eating is definitely more fun. :)

Your Turn:

Download my book, Mysterious Moon, and then make this delicious moon phase project!! I would love to see all of your creations! Please feel free to email me pictures of your own moon phase projects at brandiraae at live dot com, and I will post them on my blog. :) Include your name and where you are from if you want to, or you can remain anonymous. Remember to be creative - you don't have to do yours exactly the same. You could use a cupcake or doughnut for the earth, or you could even draw or paint it like my daughter did the first time we made ours. 

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My students will love this activity. Thank you for sharing!


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