Monday, February 27, 2012

Delicious Moon Phases

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My daughter and I have been learning all about astronomy this year, and thanks to pinterest, I saw the Oreo Moon Phase project just in time!

Seeing the above project spurred me on to look up "Oreo Moon Phases" on the web, and there were so many cute ideas. I decided to have my daughter draw the earth in the center of a paper plate and put the cookie moons around it. I saw one project in which a cupcake with blue frosting was used as the earth~yummy. :)

First, she made a Moon-Go-Round from What on Earth?

Then, the fun project she'd been waiting for . . . Oreo Moon Phases. After drawing her earth, she "glued" the 8 Oreo moons to the plate with frosting. I helped "make" the different phases by scraping off the white filling with a knife. She glued one of her moons backwards, but I think she got the point. I am sure this will be a project she will never forget!

She also used her sun (also a project from What on Earth?) for the photo. :)

I'd say these were the best tasting moons ever.

This tasty astronomy project worked for us!!  Linked to Works for Me Wednesday.

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