Saturday, April 30, 2016

April ~ Puppy Crazy

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I fear I am turning in to one of those pet people. You know, the ones who constantly take pictures of their pets and share them all of the time. Well, I guess getting a new puppy is sort of like having a new baby - at least in the picture department. ;) (I anticipated having babies and loved having babies far more for sure!) Anyway, I can't help but take pictures of this cute, little guy no matter how DIFFICULT the puppy stage is or no matter how much I DISLIKE dog messes. (So, kids, please remember the good puppy days Mama had, okay?)

And just so you know, I really don't mind seeing lots of pet pics. :) There are definitely worse things to see.

Yes, my month of April has been consumed with all things puppy. I keep telling myself, It's a good thing he's so cute! So, here's to all of Kylo's cuteness . . .

April 3 - Playing Ball

Kylo does like to play fetch, but we are still working on the release part. I think his favorite thing is chewing on the ball and trying to pull off all the green, fuzzy stuff.

April 10 - Relaxing After Walk

April 11 - Posing on the Porch

Awww, he's so handsome. Those ears, though!

April 18 - Ice King, Cousins, and Doggy Socialization

It's really fun to watch Kylo play with ice. Ice has has kept this puppy entertained on a few of the super warm days we've had so far. I have no idea why he likes to take his ice and jump onto this ratty, old chair which actually bit the dust a few days ago. 

Kylo was finally able to meet some of our kids' cousins and their 10-yr-old Australian Shepherd, Mary. Kylo acted a little shy at first but got over it pretty quickly. He mostly had fun exploring a new backyard with all kinds of fun toys, and he just about jumped into the pool a couple of times. Guess he's not afraid of water! I think Mary thought Kylo had way too much energy and tried to steer clear of him as much as she could.

April 19 - Giving In

Our original plan was to NOT allow a dog on ANY of our furniture. Because, well, it's gross. BUT, as you can see this puppy is napping on a couch. To make a long story short, we decided to let him up on our falling-apart couch. I've even cuddled with him on it a few times. It's hard not to, right? He's soft and cuddly, at least when he's sleeping. ;) The rest of our furniture is off limits!

April 20 - Frisbee and Pool Fun

Having a puppy is hard enough, but when Daddy's out of town for an entire week, it's 24/7, downright exhausting! So, I picked up a couple of pretty cheap items at Walmart to help us pass the time and keep Kylo busy.

He hasn't really caught on, yet, to catching the Frisbee as it's thrown, but, again, he likes to chase after it and chew on it. 

And then there's the kiddie pool . . .

Though timid for the first minute or so, Kylo had a blast playing in the $8 kiddie pool I found at Walmart. Kylo splashed, tried to chew and pull, played ball, and drank lots and lots of water in the pool. He even fell out a few times, which was quite funny. 

After a while, he started acting crazy: running to and fro, jumping in my rosemary bush, and even almost trampling the baby sprouts in my garden boxes. Time to put the pool away! We dried Kylo off, and I sent him inside with Shiloh so I could mow the grass. The rest of the day didn't go so well because of all the pool water he'd consumed. Accidents galore and even ruined his nice, big doggy bed. :( Sigh. Needless to say, we haven't attempted another pool day yet.

April 21 - First Time at Park

I can't believe I forgot to take pics of his first day at the park, but I guess I got caught up in talking with my friend instead. :) Anyway, this is Kylo playing with the fun, new toy that my friend and her daughter gave to him. 

Kylo was so curious about the bowl I used to hold his ice. When his ice was gone, he took the bowl and princely pranced around like he owned the place. Tupperware bowls make great hockey pucks but not so great chewing toys because, well, plastic can be dangerous. Once he broke through the bowl, he wasn't too happy that I had to take his new toy away. Won't be making a habit of letting him play with plastic bowls, but it was fun while it lasted.

April 24 - Exploring the Golf Course

So sweet ~ my girl and her puppy

Highlight of Kylo's golf course trek behind our house: finding a big ol' stick!

April 27 - That Face

This four-legged creature has messed up my perfect little schedule, ruined 2 rugs and his doggy bed, created tons more work/cleaning for me to do, made me cry, and I could go on and on. But, THAT FACE. Who couldn't love that face?

Kylo is 15 weeks now, and, truly, I guess having him is getting a little easier now than it was 6 weeks ago. Though I still don't consider myself a pet person, he's eased his way into my heart. 

He's pretty much potty trained and goes to the door when he needs to do business. He can sit, lay down, shake, and stay & come on command. He is walking pretty well on a leash but almost can't contain his excitement when he sees kids. I just can't wait for him to stop wanting to bite all of the time. Grrrr. 

Even though everyone likes to playfully joke that mama doesn't like the poor puppy, truth is, I really do. Well, most of the time.

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Dear Brandi,

I just saw your comment on Inspire Me Monday and wanted to stop by to personally welcome you to our community! I am THRILLED to meet you and to see that you are a pet lover as well! Your puppy is ADORABLE! In addition to Inspire Me Monday, I host Wordless Wednesday (which is the perfect place to share all of your wonderful pet photos and stories as we have quite a gathering of pet lovers there - you'll also get to meet my larger-than-life Maine Coon cats, Tsunami and Magellan, and hear of their antics each week!) I also host Friendship Friday and the Book Nook. Check them out and I hope you'll join us there too - I look forward to getting to know you! :-)


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