Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Simple, All-Natural Remedy for Puppy's Dry Skin

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Use Olive Oil!

Our family rescued a 9 week old puppy about 3 weeks ago. This, by no means, makes me an expert on puppies, however, I do want to share some tips over the next few weeks (or maybe even months) that have come in real handy for us since our family grew by 4 itty, bitty paws. 

Kylo, our new puppy, is some kind of lab mix, and we don't really know much about his first 9 weeks of life. He came to us with really dry, dull, flaky skin, so my husband did some research on how to help him naturally. He recommended that I try adding olive oil to the puppy's food. (None of our puppy pics really show Kylo's super flaky, dry skin, but, trust me, it was yucky.)

Right away, I began drizzling about a teaspoon of olive oil to Kylo's food 3 times a day. We noticed results almost immediately. His coat started to shine, and day by day, we noticed less flakiness. Three weeks later his fur is silky smooth and flake free! We are continuing to add olive oil to his food at least once a day to help keep his coat shiny and healthy.

Not the best photo since Kylo wouldn't stop moving around, but I wanted to give at least some idea of what his shiny coat looked like. Looks better in real life. :)

Remedy for Our Puppy's Dry Skin:

Recap: Our family added about a tsp of olive oil to puppy's food 3 times a day until dry, flaky skin cleared up. We continue to drizzle about a tsp of olive oil to puppy's food at least once per day. 

I use cold-pressed oil for my family, so that's what I used for my puppy. Private Selection's Spanish flavor was on sale. :)

Kylo at 12 weeks.

If your puppy or dog has dry, flaky skin, try using olive oil. I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me!

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