Monday, October 29, 2018

Farmhouse Style Christmas Ornaments

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I LOVE searching Etsy every year for the perfect ornaments for my kids. Each year, around the middle of November on the night we decorate our Memory Christmas Tree, my kids get to open a new ornament. It's a fun tradition for our family. 

I wish I could reveal the ornament I found on Etsy for my daughter this year. I absolutely love it. But, I don't want to risk her seeing it. I will probably reveal on instagram, though. :)

So, my kids won't be getting farmhouse ornaments this year, but I think it would be so fun to have a farmhouse style Christmas tree! Those state ornaments are pretty neat and would make cute Christmas present decorations, too. :)

If you're looking for farmhouse style ornaments to dress up your tree this year, take a look at these lovely ornaments from Etsy! I hope you find something you like. 

Happy Shopping! (Just click on the photos to view ornaments on Etsy.)

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