Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How Do You Say Good Night? by Tommy Nelson Books {Book Review}

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How Do You Say Good Night? 
Written by Tommy Nelson Books
Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri


The sun is setting, and Zoey Zebra can't go to sleep until she finds out how other animals say good night. She searches across her African homeland to find out which way is best.

About the Book

Zoey Zebra encounters all kinds of animal families as she searches Africa for the best way to say good night. Lions, warthogs, and elephants - oh my! Plus ostriches, monkeys, and hippos - all the animals you'd expect to see on an African safari.

Besides enjoying a fun story and zany, cartoonish illustrations, kids will learn what different groups of animals are called. For example: a pride of lions, a herd of elephants, a troop of monkeys, and so on. Even I learned a thing or two! Children will also learn the different sounds animals make such as roaring, snorting, and squawking.

Not only is this book a fun way to prepare children for bedtime, but it's also a great way to help children celebrate differences. Children can follow along as each animal family says good night in a slightly different way. Some roar, some preen feathers, and some float in the lake. Some swing through trees, some spray off their backs, and on and on it goes.

However, the animals do share something in common - their love for each other and God. All of the animals spend time together and end their day by honoring God in some sort of way. Some sing, some read stories, and some give thanks.

In this book, some of the text rhymes, especially the parts where the animals answer Zoey Zebra's question, "How do you say good night?" Sections of text are also in different colors to distinguish between what Zoey says and does from what the animal families say and do.

In the end Zoey doesn't pick a favorite way to say good night. She thinks each good-night is great.

My Thoughts

I can't seem to say no to good-night picture books! I used to read to my kids all throughout the day, but bedtime reading was my favorite!

How Do You Say Good Night? is fun and silly, which is sure to be a hit with little ones! It would be super fun to use different voices for each animal family while reading aloud. I'm pretty sure my kids would have loved this book when they were little.

The message of the book is great for kids. It shows that there isn't necessarily one best way to do something. It's possible to appreciate others' differences while still treasuring your own routines and traditions.

After reading this story at bedtime, I think it would be fun to ask your own kids, "How do you say good night?"

If you and your kids like reading together at night, I recommend giving this book a look!

Book Rating: 5 stars.

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