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With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander {Book Review}

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Near Civil War's end, a five-hour battle wreaks havoc on the land.

Lives are disrupted as nearby Carnton Plantation is suddenly transformed 

into a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers.

Amidst unimaginable suffering, friendships are forged, promises are made, 

and an unlikely romance is kindled.

ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" CLOUSTON is a warm and dedicated governess at Carnton Plantation. Her life changes in an instant when she's asked to be a surgeon's assistant following the aftermath of the Battle of Franklin. Though she quietly disagrees with the Southern Cause, she lovingly tends to the wounded soldiers in her care. One soldier in particular captures her attention even though she's pledged to another.

CAPTAIN ROLAND WARD JONES is a sharpshooter from Mississippi who's been badly wounded in battle. He is quite drawn to the beautiful and kind hearted governess and is grateful to her for keeping her promise to convince the surgeon to let him keep his leg. When he finds out about her promise to find the mother of a young soldier who died in her arms, he agrees to help in any way he can.

While the captain heals and hopes to regain the use of his legs, he and Lizzie become friends. It's clear that they're both attracted to each other, but too many obstacles stand in the way. For one, Lizzie is betrothed to her best friend from childhood, and two, Roland is a Confederate who owns slaves. Will Lizzie set aside her principles and promises to pursue romantic love or will she stand for what's right no matter what?

With This Pledge is the first full-length novel in the Carnton Novels collection. Tamera Alexander, best-selling author, weaves a compelling tale based on the real lives of Elizabeth Clouston and Captain Roland Ward Jones.

My Thoughts

With This Pledge is riveting and masterfully crafted! I felt like I was right within Carnton's walls experiencing the horrors of war. I wanted to be Lizzie Clouston assisting the surgeon and comforting soldiers in their time of greatest need. Through the pages, I felt the intense grief of a mother losing a son, or of a wife losing a husband. Even though certain parts were very sad, the hope and joy woven throughout brought smiles to my face.

My heart ached for Lizzie and the choices she had to make. My heart ached for families who lost loved ones and for slaves who hoped for freedom. It's even more heartbreaking knowing that so much of the story is based on true events and characters in our country's history. I was emotionally engaged from the first page until the last. Even though I read lots of Christian fiction, I won't be forgetting this story any time soon. The story came alive even more after I read about the history and saw photographs of some of the characters on the author's website.

I enjoy reading Tamera Alexander's books! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've read all except for two. After reading this novel, I'm for sure checking out the two I have yet to read. And then I will have to try and wait patiently for the next installment in the Carnton series. ;)

If you're a fan of Tamera Alexander or historical romance in general, you'll want to read this book! Be sure to keep some tissues handy.

Book Rating: 5 stars

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